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   Chapter 96 Get Out Of Here

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As soon as Greg got out of the hospital, he called Wayne. "I don't care how you do it. Even if you turn the whole city upside down in the following three days, you must find Leona out!" Then Greg immediately hung up the phone.

Greg was speechless. He kept his eyes on the road and thumped the steering wheel hard. He had called Leona many times before, but she turned off her phone. If she didn't turn on her phone, he wouldn't be able to find her by using the satellite sign.

It never occurred to him that the stupid woman would become so smart.

He saw clearly that Leona went out from the back door of the hospital by taxi and left. Did the stupid woman think she could escape in this way? Before he told her to leave, Greg would grab her out even if she ran into a mouse hole.

Before getting to her apartment, Leona went downstairs to buy some food. She lived there only for a few days, but there was no food in it. In the future, she would have to live there for a long time, so she had to prepare more.

After a while, Leona returned to the house with a lot of things in her hands. Although it was very small and all the area was even less than that of the bathroom of Greg's, she was the owner of the house and she could do whatever she wanted and she didn't have to endure the humiliation anymore.

Leona put the card into her phone and threw the old one into the trash can. That card was the one that Greg installed in her phone last time.

Without thinking, Leona knew that the pig would definitely call her when he knew that she escaped. This time, she would make it impossible for him to find her.

After putting in the new card, Leona suddenly remembered that she should call Samuel and ask for leave because she couldn't go to work now.

The phone was soon connected, and there was a magnetic voice from the other side, "Hello, I am Samuel!"

"Hello, deputy general manager. I'm Leona. I sprained my ankle yesterday, so I can't go to work for a few days. I want to ask for a sick leave," Leona said hurriedly.

Samuel immediately asked with concern, "Is she really sprained? I was worried about your foot. Is it serious? How about I go to see you?"

Leona refused at once, "No, it's just a sprain. It will be fine in a few days!"

"All right. You can take care of yourself for a few more days. When you are fully recovered, you can come back to work!" Samuel agreed readily.

But Leona hesitated and said, "Also, I have something else to ask you. If Greg asks about me, please tell him that I have resigned."

Samuel was sitting in the bright and spacious office, with two feet high on the big desk. With a smug smile on his face, he asked with concern, "Really? Is there any trouble? Maybe I can help you!"

Samuel was in a good mood, so he guessed that there must be a quarrel between Leona and Greg, which was exactly what he wanted.

But it seemed that Greg was not going to let Leona go. Otherwise, why d

is stupid woman to death.

After five seconds, Greg finally calmed down a little bit and his face returned to the calm as usual.

Greg stared at Leona with an evil smile on his face, but that smile did not reach the bottom of his eyes. He snorted and said, "Stupid woman, why don't you run away? Do you think you can escape? Don't ever think about leaving me before I kick you out!"

His voice was like a devil's. Hearing it, Leona almost freaked out and her heart was beating fast. She was really frightened to death by Greg.

Greg saw the bowl of noodles on the table which was almost untouched, and there were several vegetables floating over it, and an egg on it, which smelt of a faint fragrance.

At that moment, Greg was incredibly hungry. Then he remembered that he had forgotten to eat anything for a whole day because Leona had ran away from him so quickly. He sat there and glutted himself with the chopsticks that Leona had used before.

Hearing that he was eating the noodles cooked by her, Leona was even more hungry, and she also didn't eat anything the whole day.

But she didn't dare to move or even make a sound. She could only give up looking in the direction of the door.

The room was very small, and there was a table against the door, which was blocked by Greg. Leona had to pass Greg if she wanted to go. But it was impossible for her to escape.

Greg put down the bowl and chopsticks. He was in a better mood now since he finally found her.

He looked at her room with a disgusted face. Although it was small, it was still clean. Greg asked icily, "Is such a small place also human's room?"

Leona thought to herself, 'Do you think everyone is as rich as you? It's good that someone has a place to live.' Of course Leona dare not say it out.

Taking a look at the thick gauze wrapped over Leona's feet, Greg stood up and pulled Leona's arm, then picked her up with force, carried her over his shoulder and walked outside.

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