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   Chapter 95 Do You Think You Can Escape

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Lina and all the servants were informed to go back to work early in the morning. It was a great pleasure for them to be back.

When Lina arrived at the room, she happened to see that Greg was about to go out. As soon as Greg left, a doctor came and said he was here to treat.

Lina still didn't believe it, so she called Greg. After she got the confirmation, she took the doctor to the bedroom on the second floor, but she didn't expect to see such a scene.

Seeing that Leona did not cooperate, the doctor looked at Lina with embarrassment. He did not know what to do. If Greg was not happy, he would have lost his job.

Lina didn't expect that Leona would react like this. She persuaded Leona in a soft voice, "Leona, how could you not see a doctor for your wound? Listen to me, and let the doctor take a look at you, okay?"

Lina kept persuading Leona and felt sorry for her. Leona in front of her was pale and bloodless.

The corner of her mouth was purple, and there was dry blood on her lips. Her hair was messy over her face, just like a female ghost.

Her body was covered with bruises and bruises, and the marks on her wrists were more obvious. Leona was thinner than when she first came here.

In particular, Leona's apparently swollen ankle was as thick as her calf of her legs.

'how could Greg treat such a good girl like this! What a shame!' Lina complained in mind!

The doctor also persuaded, "That's right, Miss Ling. You must let me examine your injuries, or you may be disabled if delayed!" He intentionally made it sound serious and wanted to frighten Leona so as to treat her.

However, Leona did not listen to the doctor at all. She threw away anything she touched at the doctor and screamed, "Go away. I don't want you to see it. I want to go to the hospital, or I can just be lame!"

Lina didn't want Leona's ankle to get hurt again, so she asked the doctor to go out.

Lina was very worried about Leona when she saw Leona like this. When Leona calmed down a little, she asked again, "Leona, why don't you let the doctor have a look?"

Lina left a very good impression on Leona. Leona looked at Lina calmly and said, "No, Lina. It's not that I don't want to recover. I just don't want to be treated here. I want to go to the hospital!"

Lina didn't understand why Leona insisted on going to the hospital. It was troublesome. Wouldn't it be more convenient to call the doctor here directly? 'The doctor who can treat Leona must not be a quack, or else Mr. Wei won't hire him.'

But no matter what Lina said asked, Leona insisted on going to the hospital and said, "Here is no equipment in the hospital. I need to do a full examination to see if there is any internal injury!"

Thinking that what Leona said made sense, Lina said, "Okay, wait a moment. I'll call Mr. Wei to ask him. If he agrees, I will ask the driver to take you to the hospital!" Then Lina turned


Lina was frightened out of her wits when she called Greg. And the one who answered the phone was Wayne. Then Greg quickly repeated what happened to Leona, "Mr. Zhang, will Leona be in any danger? Lina sobbed. It's all my fault. I didn't watch her closely!"

On the other side, Greg was having a meeting at the company, and when Wayne whispered in his ear that Leona was missing, Greg immediately squinted dangerously.

Blue veins stood out on his forehead, and Greg banged the table. The sales manager, who was reporting work, was shocked and dropped the report in his hand.

Totally ignoring the frightened expression of all the managers, Greg suddenly stood up from his seat and coldly said, "the meeting is over!" Then he strode outside.

Greg didn't think that as Lina had said, Leona was kidnapped or kidnapped. She was already twenty years old, how could she be kidnapped? And even abducted in the hospital?

It was almost impossible to kidnap Leona. She was just a poor woman without everything, and she didn't even have friends. Who would kidnap such a person? Unless the kidnappers were out of mind.

There was only one possibility: she ran away. Greg finally remembered her abnormality this morning. No wonder Leona wouldn't let the doctor treat her at home. It turned out that this stupid woman had a plan already.

Greg called out as he gritted his teeth. He didn't expect this stupid woman to have the nerve to trick her. 'It seems that I've been too nice to her.' Greg thought.

Sitting in the monitor room of the hospital and watching all the surveillance videos, Greg finally saw the familiar figure through the monitor at the back door, limping out, and there was no one on the side.

Leona really ran away, and Greg's eyes were as bloodthirsty as demon's. Sitting on the table, he thought, "Leona, do you think you can escape?" I will find you even if I need to turn the whole city upside down.

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