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   Chapter 94 You Are Scum

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Greg's eyes sparkled with a bloodthirsty smile, which looked like a demon to Leona. But as he tightly gripped her sprained ankle, Leona almost passed out in pain.

Fear was written all over Leona's face. Her dress slid down, revealing her beautiful body.

Looking at Greg with a grimace, Leona's face turned pale as she heard the crack of her clothes.

Leona couldn't help begging, "Please, please don't do this to me. I have nothing to do with Samuel. We have nothing..."

But her supplication met with a more violent attitude from Greg. At this moment, there was only endless anger in Greg's eyes, no matter what Leona said.

Greg bound her hands with his tie and then threw himself at her.

Leona felt as if she was torn apart, suffering not only from her body, but also from her heart.

She kept shaking her head and crying, but she couldn't stop Greg at all. He seemed to be crazy, pouncing on her.

Leona had a feeling that she was dying. She looked away and avoided the evil Greg's eyes.

Her heart was bleeding. Leona admitted that during this period of time, she had revived her dead heart because of the harmonious relationship with Greg

However, she didn't expect it to happen. Her heart kept yelling, 'Don't do this to me!'

But Leona couldn't do anything about it. She smiled bitterly in her heart. Shouldn't she have known the truth long ago? She was just his toy. How could a person fall in love with a toy?

Dissatisfied with her unresponsive response, Greg grabbed her face and said, "Leona, don't put on that pitiful look. Even though you pretend to be innocent all the time, it won't change the fact that you're a tramp. You're just a tramp by nature!"

With tears streaming down her face, Leona fixed her eyes on Greg. It turned out that she was always that kind of woman in his heart. Then why did he keep her by his side?

There were blue and purple marks on her wrists because she kept struggling. Especially on her ankle, the pain was so intense. At this moment, Leona felt that she had had enough of it. Why should she be treated like this?

"Now that I'm a shameless woman, why do you still try every means to keep me by your side? That only means you are a scumbag, and you will be punished!"

Hearing that, Greg gritted his teeth in order to punish her, which made her tremble like a leaf in the autumn wind.

Next to Leona, Greg gripped her face and said in a ferocious voice, "You called me a scum? What right do you have to scold me? Take back your words, or I will make you beg for death."

With a bitter smile, Leona said without any expression in her eyes, "I'd rather die now. Since the day I met you, I've never had a good day. You devil, curse you to go to hell! "

Did this stupid woman curse him? Greg didn't want to hear that anymore, so he lowered his

er die than ask for it.

Looking at the obstinate expression on her face, Greg was irritated. This stupid woman had no choice but to refuse any help. But when he saw that Leona had wounds all over her body and that miserable appearance, Greg was less angry.

Impatiently, Greg said, "Never mind. I'll call a doctor here to cure you." As soon as he said that, Wei International Trade Company took out her phone and dialed a number. Since the Wei Group had own hospital, it was absolutely that he could call the doctor here.

However, as soon as Leona heard that he was going to call the family doctor, she immediately shouted fiercely, "No, I have to go to the hospital!"

Greg looking at her surprised. What the hell was this stupid woman doing now? Angela ignored her and continued to call the doctor. "Hey, call a family doctor right now. He or she should be good at both medicine and surgery."

Leona saw that Greg was totally ignored her, so she lost her temper again and glared at Greg "I'm going to the hospital!"

Taking a glance at her, Greg said impatiently, "Stupid woman, listen to me carefully. I have the final say here!" Then he went straight to the wardrobe and took out a shirt and a suit.

Leona was so angry that she trembled all over. She leaned against the wall and said, "Then I won't see the doctor!"

Greg glanced at her scornfully, turned around and walked outside, and replied coldly, "Do as you like."

Sitting on the floor, Leona felt wronged and cried again. Soon, Lina led a family doctor into the room.

Lina's heart ached when she saw Leona sitting on the ground. "Leona, why are you sitting on the ground? Let me help you up to the bed and asked the doctor to check on your feet. Why is your foot so swollen? It must be painful, isn't it?"

Leona looked at the doctor and shouted, "Get out, I don't want you to see me, get out..."

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