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   Chapter 93 Forget It!

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Greg stared at Samuel with his Falcon like eyes, which sparkled with dangerous light, as if Greg was a cheetah staring at its prey.

Greg claimed that Leona was his woman and also claimed that he owned her.

At this moment, Greg looked at Samuel as if he was the king who possessed the life of his people.

However, contrary to Greg's expectations, Samuel only wore a slight smile, which made him look even more charming. "Yes, it's you, Mr. Wei. But Leona is my secretary. Shouldn't I, as the boss, care about my employees? Leona has a lot of important and urgent documents of Zachary's Company in hand. If she gets exhausted because of this, I, as her boss, will feel sorry for her. What's more, as far as I know Leona is still single. How could Mr. Wei treat her as your woman?"

Anger was boiling inside Greg as he heard what Samuel said. The veins on Greg's forehead bulged. 'What a stupid woman! She works as a secretary in the Zachary's Company behind my back!' Greg cursed inwardly. And she was also the personal secretary. Why didn't she tell him before?

Soon, Greg continued to grasp Leona's shoulder with more strength, and clearly, there were deep fingerprints on it, which showed how angry he was at this moment.

Leona could feel the pain on her shoulder, but now she also felt the extreme pain on her ankle. This time, she just injured the foot she had injured in the clothing store. It hurt so much that Leona was sweating, but she dared not to make a sound.

Seeing all this, Samuel was very proud that his plan was a success. It's the best way to vent Samuel's anger on Leona if Greg ditched her.

But before that, Leona had to take the opportunity to make it clear to Greg. Most of the people around were watching them now, so she had to leave as soon as possible.

Greg's engagement party had made her notorious for a long time. She didn't want that kind of thing to happen again.

At that moment, Leona gently pulled the corner of Greg's coat and said, "It's not what you think. Let me explain it to you, OK? There are so many people here. It's not good to be seen... "

Greg tried to keep his anger under control, but he knew he should keep sober.

Knowing that this was not the right place to lose his temper, Greg tried hard to suppress his anger, lowered his head and bit Leona on the side of her neck.

It hurt so much that tears almost came out of Leona's eyes. She grabbed tightly at the corner of Greg's coat, trying her best to control her pain.

Greg gritted his teeth but this time he didn't bite it as he held it with all his strength. He said in a low voice, "So you know there are so many people here. How dare you seduce another man here so blatantly! Leona, you really should give me an explanation!"

From the scene, Greg and

ok him at least an hour to drive from such a long distance, but today it took him half an hour.

As the car was yet stopping steadily, Leona was pulled out of the front passenger seat rudely and dragged into the villa.

As soon as Greg entered the room, he threw Leona away on the ground. Greg took off his suit jacket and threw it on the floor.

Greg's suit jacket was thrown on the tea table by him. In an instant, the tea set and fruit on the tea table were all thrown off, making Leona shiver with fear.

Leona was half lying on the ground and frightened by Greg. She retreated.

But because of the pain from her ankle, Leona could only slid her hands and one leg on the ground.

This Greg was so scary. But Leona just wanted to leave here as soon as possible. She couldn't help but lean backwards and hit herself into the sofa. As a result, her injured ankle hit against the tea table. Immediately, Leona felt so painful that she was covered in sweat, but she dared not scream out.

If Leona didn't make it clear at this moment, she would have no chance to explain. Even if she was afraid, she had to tell the truth.

She said with fear, "Listen to me, I'm just working in the Zachary's Company. Samuel is the deputy general manager of the company. I'm just his secretary. There's nothing between us!"

Leona told Greg what had happened briefly, but Greg squinted and snorted, "Secretary? Aren't you the personal secretary? To what extent? Are you intimate? But I admire you, Leona. You are really good at seducing men. You are so quick in finding the next man. Don't ever think about it. Even if I get tired of you one day, you are not allowed to be with other men. You'd better give up!"

On the other hand, Greg was holding his expensive tie; on the other hand, he grabbed Leona's injured ankle and pulled her in his own direction.

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