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   Chapter 92 Dinner In Gu Family's House

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Greg brought his new models to the charity auction. He had planned to take Leona with him, but Leona may not want to have come because of what happened to her last time.

Even though he knew that if he forced Leona to come, she did not dare to refuse. He was not willing to force her again.

In particular, they had been getting along very well these days. Leona was no longer irritating him as much as before. Leona cleaned the villa every day and cooked before he came back. She was like a virtuous wife.

It was clear that Leona was flattering him. And because of this, he didn't embarrass her any more. He would have called the servants back if he didn't like the cozy moment.

He was quite used to the meals Leona cooked recently, which made it hard for him to eat outside as before.

Of course, Leona could only cook home cooked dishes, the taste was not as good as that of the chefs outside, but he ate the most delicious food. Every time he finished the dishes.

Greg wouldn't have come to the charity auction if it wasn't for the fact that he couldn't turn it down today. In order to go back to have meals cooked by Leona every day, he had turned down a lot of social activities, and even had less news with women.

When Greg arrived at the party room with his new model Susan, he was thinking that he could go back as soon as he showed up. However, as soon as he entered the room, he heard a cough from a corner.

He didn't care about such trifles at first, but when his eyes inadvertently shot towards there, he saw a familiar figure.

Greg boiled inside him. It was that stupid woman. Greg didn't bring her here out of kindness, but he didn't expect her to come here by herself. Did she hook up with another man behind his back?

And look at what kind of clothes she was wearing. How dare she show her body in such a way? She had pretended to be innocent in front of him.

This was definitely another trick of hers. Greg was so angry that his hair almost stood up. It seemed that he underestimated Leona. No wonder she could entertain people in bars. She could deal with anyone.

This stupid woman dared to make fun of him as a monkey. He would let her know the consequences of offending him. Greg had thought that Leona had learned well these days. It seemed that Leona had been deliberately lying to him. If he hadn't found it, he would be deceived by her for all this long time.

Sitting next to him, Susan felt that Greg was very angry, although he was wearing a cold face that no one could see the difference.

But as soon as Susan was beside Greg, she clearly felt that the air around her obviously decreased several degrees in an instant. At the same time, Greg grabbed Susan with his big hand and pinched it hard. It was so painful that Susan had a painful expression on her face.

"Mr. Wei, you are hurt

Leona had ever read it on the Internet. It was extremely expensive. Everything used by this man was so luxurious, and he would never treat himself shabbily.

The odor reminded Leona of Greg. At this moment, Leona didn't even dare to open her eyes because she was scared to see Greg's face.

After all, most men in the upper class liked to use cologne, including Samuel. Maybe it was not just Greg, but also other rich guys wearing this. Leona wished that it was someone else. Leona prayed in her heart.

However, at the next moment, the voice above her head completely shattered Leona's only hope. A low and familiar voice rang in her ears, so low that only Leona could hear, "Leona, how dare you come to this place without telling me. Are you hooked up with someone else?"

Leona suddenly became cold as if she had fallen into an ice hole. At this moment, she wished she could just fall on the ground and pass out. How unlucky she was?

The more frightened she was, the more hopeless she was. Judging from his tone, Greg was obviously angry. What should she do?

At this moment, Leona stood up in a panic as if she saw a demon waving at her. She felt an extreme pain from her ankle and wanted to get rid of this man, but she found that his big palm was tightly holding her.

There was a stabbing pain on her shoulder. Greg grabbed it tightly. He was furious.

Now that she couldn't escape, she had to face it. Leona hoped that he could listen to his explanation, although her explanation had always been chicanery in Greg's ears, he only believed what he saw.

But if she didn't explain, Greg would misunderstand her even more. In a panic, Leona said, "It's not what you think. Let me explain..."

As expected, before Leona finished her words, Greg ignored it as well. He looked at Samuel with cold and flaming eyes and said, "It seems that Mr. Chi is interested in my woman?"

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