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   Chapter 90 Stunningly Beautiful

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Looking at Samuel's sincere eyes, Leona felt something different in her heart, but she no longer doubted it as before.

Maybe it's because Samuel was born in a rich family. Although Leona was born in a silver spoon family, she always knew that she and the Ling family would never be integrated.

The reason why she helped Jonson was that he was her father. After all, it was him who gave her life, which was also a way of thanking him.

'Although Samuel comes from a wealthy family, he has to compete with his family for the throne. He must be very lonely in his heart. On the other hand, Leona felt sorry for Samuel.

From the way Leona looked at him, Samuel could tell that she totally believed what he said. He laughed in his mind and thought, 'This woman is really stupid. I really don't understand what kind of charm she has. Why both York and Greg would fall in love with her?'

From then on, Leona started her career as Samuel's secretary peacefully. After getting along with Samuel during this period of time, her impression of Samuel had totally changed.

In the past, Leona thought Samuel was a playboy who only knew about eating and playing, but now it seemed that he has some merits.

Samuel was the last to leave the company. The light in his office was never off before others. And in the morning, Samuel was basically the first to come to the company. Leona even suspected that he was working all night.

Samuel was serious to work and Leona would treat him well. Through these days' efforts, Leona had become more skilled at business.

Samuel was quite different when he was at usual. He was careful and meticulous when he worked, and he was considerate to his subordinates. Almost all the employees had a good impression of him.

Generally speaking, Leona would work overtime with Samuel as a secretary. But up to now, Samuel didn't ask her to work overtime with him, which made her more grateful.

As for Leona, she rushed to the villa as soon as she got off work every day. She hardly had any spare time to talk with her colleagues, so she seldom talked to them during office hours.

On the other hand, Greg had been coming back to have meals almost every day recently, so Leona didn't dare to act rashly. She had become the role of a good girl in the company.

One day, Leona took a look at the clock and found that it was almost time to go off work. She was about to pack up and go back to cook and clean the villa.

At this time, the internal phone rang on the table, and then Samuel's low and magnetic voice came, "Leona, please come in!"

At Samuel's office, Leona asked, "deputy general manager, what' can I do?"

"There is a charity auction tonight. My partner can't make it up for me. I have to go with you. Just get ready for it. As for the clothes, the company will reimburse you for it, and there will be overtime salary!

d to find one less transparent for her. This strapless dress was not acceptable to Leona, but it was much better than the translucent one.

It was just a simple dress, from the front to the knee, with two side wavy, from the back to the ground, which made the design elegant and graceful.

The dress seems to have been tailor-made for Leona. It's a strapless dress, but the vast expanse of the dress made Leona blush.

Leona turned into a totally different woman after that. Even the owner couldn't believe her eyes. Then the owner combed up Leona's long hair in a ponytail, leaving only a few strands of hair on her cheeks, which made Leona more enchanting and pretty.

Finally, she took out two crystal earrings and wore a crystal necklace around Leona neck. The owner did not put on makeup for Leona. Just with a little bit lip gloss, Leona suddenly looked so different from the appearance she was before.

Standing in front of the floor to ceiling mirror and looking at the noble and elegant woman in the mirror, Leona could not believe her own eyes at this moment.

The proprietress looked at her masterpiece with satisfaction, and said, "Great! I'm sure that you will amazed Samuel!"

Leona hurried to explain, "It's not what you think. I'm just a secretary. We're just colleagues! By the way, can you give me a shawl?"

The proprietress knew why Mrs. Ling wanted it. She smiled and put a shawl on Leona shoulder, which made Leona feel more relaxed.

When Leona went downstairs in her high-heeled shoes, the sudden change in her facial expression made Leona's heart skip a beat.

There was a gleam of admiration in his eyes. Samuel didn't expect this woman to be so beautiful when she dressed up. It seemed that he had got a wrong judgment.

Leona in front of him looked extremely innocent. She had completely mixed the two different temperament. In an instant, Samuel's hormones surged up.

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