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   Chapter 89 We Meet Again

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But before Leona could say anything, Linda pretended to be shy and said, "Sorry, I didn't mean to do that. The deputy general manager is waiting for us in the office. Go in quickly!"

Leona felt inexplicable hostility to Linda. She did not offend her, why should she do this?

The human resources manager urged Leona. Leona smiled politely to Linda and followed into the deputy general manager's office.

As soon as Leona entered the deputy general manager's office, she was immediately stunned by the luxurious decoration of the room. She couldn't help muttering in her mind that these rich men were really capricious.

A man was sitting behind a huge desk, but Leona couldn't see his face clearly as his back was to her.

At this time, the human resources manager said respectfully, "Mr. deputy general manager, Miss Ling has been here!"

"Well, you can leave now. I have something to talk to Miss Ling," said the person behind the desk

"Yes, sir!" The HR manager left the room respectfully. Before he left, he shot a look at Leona and reminded her to be careful.

Leona felt the voice was a little familiar, as if she had heard it somewhere, but she could not remember it at the moment. Then she smiled secretly. How could she know the deputy general manager of Zachary's Company? It must be her illusion.

Seeing that the manager had left, Leona said, "Nice to meet you, deputy general manager. My name is Leona Ling, and I'm studying in H University..."

Before Leona could finish her sentence, the man sitting on the back seat interrupted her. "Miss Ling, could you please make a cup of coffee for me? I want sugar and no milk."

Hearing his words, Leona suddenly realized what was going on. She was now the Secretary of the deputy CEO, and it was natural for her to make coffee.

Then she turned around and walked out. She looked for a long time and finally found the tea room. When she came in with a cup of steaming coffee and was about to put it on the table.

The person behind the desk turned around and said to Leona with a smile, "Leona, we meet again. What a coincidence!"

Leona was startled by the man in front of her. 'Isn't this Samuel?' Leona thought. Why was he here? Leona's hand trembled in an instant, and a drop of coffee splashed and scalded her hand. She cried out in pain, "ah!"

Seeing that Leona was in a panic, Samuel felt like he was about to take revenge on Ling. A hint of slyness flashed across his eyes but quickly disappeared.

Samuel handed a paper towel to her. Then, Leona calmed down, with so many doubts in her heart.

What a small world! Before she came here, only clerk and department manager were needed.

Now they wanted to recruit a secretary. Did Samuel arrange it in advance?

Seeing that Leona did not speak,

s company. My father is a major shareholder in this company, but he is not the only shareholder. Although my father doesn't want me to keep the company, he needs a general shareholder's meeting to decide the final decision."

Leona was even more confused by his words. Even so, what did it have to do with her?

She was just a freshman who had just graduated from University, and had no social experience or working ability. She had to start from scratch. Wasn't it risky for him to do so?

"Now another major shareholder is also my uncle. We are a family business and he is competing for the position of CEO. He has worked here for many years and his company is also full of his trusted subordinates. Everything I have done is watched by him, which is very unfavorable to me. So I have to find a person I trust most without being bribed. We graduated from the same school before. I know you well, so I want you to do me a favor!"

Looking at Samuel's sincere face, Leona's heart began to shake. Although Leona was not clear about the intrigues in those large families, she could also guess some. It seemed that the life behind these noble young men was not that easy.

All of them seemed to be kind and amiable on the surface, but in fact, they were carrying out a sinister conspiracy behind. For a moment, Leona felt a little pity for Samuel.

But Leona still didn't believe it. She asked in a low voice, "Why me? There are many students in the school, and you have many friends!"

Samuel smiled and said, "My former friends were all the business partners of different companies. Do you think they would give up the idea of going back to take over the family business and come to help me? Besides, when I went to school, I dated most of my girlfriends. They were after my money. You are the only one who didn't care about my money. I trust you!"

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