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   Chapter 88 Feed Me First

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After walking out of the school with her belongings, Leona found that it had been four or six months since she came back. Besides the thesis defense, students didn't have to go to school very much. It was a chance for them to find a job.

Holding something in her arms, Julie followed Leona closely. Since she had known what had happened to Leona last time, she had known that the man Leona had been with was the CEO of the Wei Group.

Julie said with excitement, "Leona, I really envy you. You don't have to look for a job all day like us. You can go to the Wei Group directly. You can make great progress as long as Greg helps. Otherwise, you can also help me to work as an intern in the Wei Group, okay?"

But Leona frowned. She wouldn't talk to Greg, and she didn't tell him about jobs.

Staying at home all day was enough to drive her crazy. If she could see him all the time during work, Leona swore that she would definitely go crazy.

Greg was cold and ruthless. He's a man who'd never lower his requirements in work. Besides, Leona wouldn't rely on him to find a job.

Now that Leona had graduated from college, she could let go of her feelings completely and went to find a job she liked.

Leona said lightly, "I won't go to find him. If you want to work in the Wei Group, you can apply for a job. They may be recruiting new employees too!"

Curling her lips, Julie knew that this stupid woman meant it and wouldn't talk to Greg. If she had such a good chance, she would seize it.

Back in the villa, Leona opened the computer to fill in her resume and constantly looked to the company she thought was not bad. To her surprise, Leona received the reply soon.

In fact, her replies were from ZL Group, which told her that she could take an interview tomorrow. Leona didn't expect that it would go so smoothly. For the first time in her life, she bought a lot of food outside to celebrate.

That night, when Greg came back home, he saw a table full of dishes, and she was surprised too. Looking at Leona who was busy cooking in the kitchen with an apron on her, Greg felt his heart beat violently for the first time. He had a kind of feeling of home.

Looking at Leona, Greg couldn't help but come over and hug her in her arms, rubbing his head against her head.

"You seem to be in a good mood today." That was a very low voice. Greg said it while moving around his hands on her.

Leona dodged his big hands and put the chopped food into the pot. She gasped for air and said, "All right. Just go and wait. The dinner will be ready soon!"

But Greg was totally indifferent. He kept on attacking, as if nothing had happened. He said in a lower voice, "I'll be here with you."

But Leona was also startled. She struggled and said, "Stop it. I can't cook now!"

Looking at her flour stained face, Greg

was to find a profitable and easy job now.

Moreover, Zachary's Company always had a good reputation, and the employee benefits were much better than other companies. That was why so many people would come to apply for the job.

Without any hesitation, Leona signed her name on the contract without even reading it carefully. When she handed the contract to the manager, Leona clearly felt that the other party breathed a long sigh of relief.

Leona looked at them doubtfully. She felt that she was tricked. Before she could figure it out, the manager led her directly to the top floor.

Seeing the lift button stopped on the top floor, Leona asked doubtfully, "Manager Chen, am Iworking on the top floor?" Leona remembered that only the CEO's office would be on the top floor. This company was really different.

The HR manager said with a smile, "why does a clerk work on the top floor? Congratulations, Miss Ling. You are going to be the Secretary of our Deputy General Manager. His office is on the top floor. Many people can't get this job. You should cherish this opportunity!"

Leona was even more confused. They didn't recruit secretaries. Leona had no time to think too much. The elevator had stopped. Led by the HR manager, Leona walked directly to the deputy general manager's office.

Stepping on the thick carpet, Leona still felt unreal. The previous secretary next to Leona saw Leona and knew that it was she who took the place of her. She glared at Leona angrily.

God knew how much efforts she had made in order to be the deputy general secretary. The deputy general manager would take over the company in the future, and he was handsomeand humorous. Most importantly, he was not married yet. If she succeeded, she could live a totally different life.

But Leona took away the seat from her. Linda gritted her teeth and deliberately knocked Leona down.

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