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   Chapter 87 Be Clear With Your Identity

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Leona sighed helplessly. She had got used to this when Greg was talking to her. And she would always be a stupid woman in his eyes. So she had given up arguing with him about this.

After Leona put down her phone, she rushed in the direction of the villa. When she entered the house, she saw that Greg was sitting in the living room, typing something on his laptop.

Although Leona had a bad impression on Greg, she had to admit that this pig worked very hard. It was not easy for him to run such a big company!

Leona tried to sneak back upstairs to change clothes and cook. She saw that Greg was busy with her work and didn't want to bother him.

In fact, as soon as Leona entered the door, Greg saw her as she was walking on tiptoe. He asked in a cold voice, "Are you willing to come back now?"

Leona suddenly stopped. She was in a bad mood after coming back from the hospital. She and Jasmine were both Jonson's daughters, and she was always a backup. Hearing that, Leona became angry.

Standing beside the stairs, Leona said with her back to Greg, "Yes, I'm back!"

Greg raised his eyebrows and looked at Leona in surprise. How dare she talk to him like that? It had been a long time since this wild cat ever showed its teeth.

Greg could sense that Leona was in a bad mood, and she just came back from Jonson's ward, so Greg realized that maybe Jonson had said something to her.

But just as Leona was going upstairs and wearing the maid's dress prepared for him, Greg opened the door and came in, which frightened Leona a lot.

Leona covered herself with her clothes and asked in panic, "Why didn't you knock when you came in?"

Greg scornfully glanced at her and said, "This is my home, I can go wherever I want. Why should I knock the door? Besides, I've seen all your body! Don't you think it's a little pretentious to hide it from me now? Or you simply like this kind of game?"

As he spoke, Greg moved towards Leona and tried to sit on the bed behind Leona, which made her have to lean back on the bed.

Leona slipped and fell down to the bed. Sitting on her both sides, a strong arm held her waist and said mischievously, "Stupid woman, you don't have to take so much trouble to seduce me." Then Greg lowered her head.

"No, I didn't mean that HMM!" However, before Leona could utter a single word, she was gagged by Greg's lips, unable to utter another word.

When everything finally returned to normal, more than an hour passed. Leona rubbed her sore and swollen waist. She had been squeezed by Greg day and night these days, and she felt that she would live at least ten years shorter. Leona really didn't know why that pig was so keen on this?

Having had enough food and drink, Greg felt much better and relaxed. He went into the bathroom directly as if nothing had happened and stood in front of Leona from a height.

Greg threw a co

immediately. The man's glance at Leona made him very uncomfortable.

Greg put the fork on the table, stood up and said coldly, "Let's go!"

Shocked, Leona raised her head and looked at Greg with an expression of confusion. The food had just been served, and she had only eaten a few bites and was about to leave. She wondered whether all of the seafood dishes on the table, which looked priceless, were wasted.

"But I haven't finished my meal yet..." Leona looked at the few dishes on the table and felt sorry for the food. Didn't he know how hard it was to make money?

However, when Leona saw that Greg obviously frowned, she smartly closed her mouth and followed him out of the restaurant.

On their way to another restaurant, Leona saw a store selling children's clothes, and she couldn't help but look into it.

Noticing the reluctant look in Leona's eyes, Greg said coldly, "Don't talk nonsense. I won't let you give birth to my child. You have no right to do that."

Hearing that, Leona suddenly came back to reality, with her heart twitching violently. Of course, she knew that he disdained to have child with her, but he needn't say that out loud.

Maybe her father was right. Greg hadn't been so serious from the beginning to the end. Otherwise, why didn't he cancel the engagement with Jasmine?

Although Leona was the one who begged Greg to keep the engagement with Jasmine, no could force Greg do anything he didn't want to do.

Leona said obstinately, "Don't worry. I don't want your baby either. I have been taking birth control pills all the time!"

"You'd better be clear about who you are!" Greg scratched his hair restlessly. It was his birthday today, and he had cancelled all the business and just wanted to celebrate it with Leona. But he didn't expect to make her in such a bad mood.

When they came back from the restaurant, Greg repeated having sex with Leona until dawn

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