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   Chapter 86 Don't You Know What I Want

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Greg was eating the four dishes and one soup in front of Leona. And he complained, "It's sour. This is salty, and that's sweet. There's chopped green onion in it..."

Lowering her head, Leona listened to him and didn't know what to say. Since he disliked her cooking, why were these dishes almost all eaten up? It was obvious that the pig was doing this deliberately.

As a matter of fact, Greg was not that picky, but he said that on purpose. Finally, after two big bowls of rice, Greg touched his overstuffed stomach and said, "You need to improve your cooking skill. Clean it up, now!"

Rolling her eyes secretly, Leona stood up to clear up the table.

"Where is the dessert fruit?" Sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed, Greg ordered as if he didn't see Leona's busy figure.

So Leona had to put down her action of cleaning the table and hurried to the kitchen to prepare fruit for him. After the fruit was put on the table, Greg said, "How can I eat such a large piece of fruit?" Then Leona cut it into small pieces and put them on the table.

"It's not enough for me to cut such small snacks. I want fresh juice!" Greg had to order Leona to make the fruit into juice again.

When the juice was served, Greg said again, "I don't want to drink it anymore. Go and prepare some fruit for me!"

When the fruit was served again, Greg changed his mind again. He wanted another cup of coffee.

"I want some tea!"

"I want to drink honey water!"

Later on, Leona directly brought a tray into the room on which there were scented tea, black tea, green tea, milk, red wine and coffee. She took out all the things that she could find in the kitchen and put them in front of Greg and said, "There is everything here. You can drink whichever you like."

Greg was looking at the seven or eight cups of coffee on the table as he raised his eyebrows. Greg knew it was an idiot to use this to deal with him. Greg snorted as he stood up and walked to the study.

He hadn't finished his work yet. As the CEO of the Wei Group, he was occupied with myriad affairs every day, and worked from office to dawn most of the time. He came back earlier tonight only for the reason that Leona was here. So he took the documents back for work.

Seeing that, Leona was finally relieved. She continued to clean the kitchen. Soon after, Greg's voice was heard again. "Stupid woman, come here! Clean up the room!"

Leona rolled her eyes again and had to come to the study with a duster cloth. Standing next to Greg, Leona was cleaning the table and the windowsill.

Louisa looked even gentler in the light of the study. Especially the dress that was made for her was translucent, and the scenery inside was partly hidden and partly visible. Greg couldn't move away his eyes.

At this time,

e Ling family, he would think of other ways. Anyway, if he wanted, she would never be able to get out of his control, which had been made very clear to Leona.

Leona could only listen to God's will now. Although she had fallen in love with Greg, she knew very well that he was just playing with her, and he would not really love her. So she had been keeping her heart all the time.

When Leona came out of the hospital, it was already dark. Leona did not expect that she would stay in the hospital for such a long time.

She had to go back in a hurry, otherwise the pig would get mad again. Just when Leona was about to take a bus, her mobile phone suddenly rang.

It was the same phone that Greg had given her. There was only a number on it, and she didn't have many friends on it. On the contrary, nobody called her except Greg.

"You stupid woman, where have you been?" As soon as Leona picked up the phone, she heard Greg's angry voice. Leona put the phone away from her ear.

"I was going to the hospital to visit my father!" Murmured Leona.

On the other hand, sitting in the villa angrily, Greg made an exception and came back earlier today. He had been getting along with Leona for the past few days, and he was already used to see her being busy at home.

Besides, he had shut off all social engagements for the sake of coming back to have dinner made by her. Although she was not as good as the cooks in the hotel, she made him feel warm and home-made.

Today was a special day. Greg tried his best to finish his work as soon as possible so that he could come back as soon as possible. He wanted to take her out for a meal, but when he entered the room, he found that she was not there at all.

On hearing that Leona was going to see Jonson in the hospital, Greg's anger subsided a little. He then ordered, "Come back! Immediately!"

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