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   Chapter 85 Try Your Best To Make Me Happy

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Leona doubted that she had misheard his words. He asked her to be a maid instead of drinking with others in the bar. Although it sounded a bit unpleasant to be a maid, it was much better than having a drink with those disgusting people in the bar.

"You mean I don't have to drink with guests?" Leona asked, still not sure.

Sitting on the sofa, Greg asked with his eyebrows raised, "What's wrong? If you don't like it, you can still drink with them."

Leona quickly shook her head and said, "No, no, no. I can be a maid! I can cook, wash clothes and clean the house!" It was not difficult for Leona as she had been used to doing family work for so many years.

Greg nodded. In fact, he had regretted it since she left yesterday. It turned out that he couldn't see her with other men, which would make him want to kill someone.

And he still wanted to continue to torture her and watch her suffering. In that case, he could just keep her by his side.

Greg continued, "From today on, you are responsible for all the cleaning and cooking in this villa. And you don't just need to be my maid. You have to make me happy as much as you can so as to make up for Jonson's medical fee and the loss of the bar!"

Leona was speechless and looked at him. This stupid pig was really hard to please. But as long as he didn't ask her to drink with others, she didn't care what he wanted her to do.

However, Leona was still thinking about her study. She was a senior now and would graduate in half a year. She didn't want to ruin her study like this. Then Leona continued, "I can be your maid, but I have to go to school in the daytime. I can only work after school!"

Greg raised her eyebrows and looked at her. She was quite stubborn about studying. He didn't want to make her desperate.

In his mind, he should make it clear that his prey could see hope but is far from it. It didn't seem fun until desperation was the last thing she wanted. So Greg said, "It doesn't matter as long as you can clean up the whole villa after school and cook the meals until I come back."

Leona nodded her head firmly. It was not a problem at all. She said firmly, "No problem, I will definitely do it!"

Greg then called all the servants in and declared in public, "From today on, all of you, leave here!"

There were more than a dozen servants in total. As soon as they heard that Greg was going to fire them, they all got frightened. Almost everyone turned to look at Lina in an instant. It was the longest time she had stayed with Greg. If Lina talked something, Greg might not fire them.

Lina looked around and then stood out gingerly. "Mr. Wei, is there anything we did wrong? We will try our best to meet your requirements as

ised to see that Greg was here as well. It was very late, and she didn't expect that Greg was here alone.

At the moment, Leona put down the bowl in her hand and said, "You're back!"

Greg replied with a humph and went upstairs. Leona made a face behind him and said, "I'll prepare the bath water for you."

Greg turned around and said, "Do it as quickly as possible. Put down the water in the bathtub and make dinner for me. I don't know what you are doing as a maid."

Leona took the coat that Greg handed to her, and quickly poured a bath water for him. Then she rushed downstairs again to prepare food for him.

There were vegetables and meat left by Lina in the refrigerator. After a simple cooking of four dishes and a soup, Greg was walking downstairs.

Looking at the simple food on the table, Greg frowned and said with dissatisfaction, "Didn't I give you money to buy some food? Are you serious?"

Standing beside her, Leona pulled her extremely short skirt downwards and said, "I didn't know you would come back today, so I didn't go shopping! How about you make do with this? I will buy more food tomorrow."

Greg picked up a carrot and put it aside, and said in disgust, "I don't eat carrots!"

Leona tried to keep it in mind silently and then Greg picked up another piece of green onion and said in disgust, "I don't like green onion and garlic, either!"

Hearing that, Leona rolled her eyes at Greg. How troublesome this pig was! He should just starve to death!

Sitting down, Greg pointed to the seat on the opposite and said, "sit down and eat with me!"

"But I've already eaten..." Looking at Greg's frown, Leona swallowed the rest words obediently. According to her past experience, she'd better not try to challenge this man's anger, or she would be the one to pay the price.

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