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   Chapter 84 Being A Maid To Pay Off The Debt

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As Leona kept struggling, Mr. Zhang said with a ferocious face, "Greg? It doesn't matter if he is here."

At this moment, Greg kicked the door open and rushed into the room. When he saw the scene in front of him, he immediately kicked Mr. Zhang in anger.

Bang! Mr. Zhang was kicked out by Greg. His head hit the table next to him and blood flowed out from his forehead.

Mr. Zhang was shocked by what he had seen. He was the most well-known mafia boss in C City and no one dared to beat him. He was first slapped by Leona, and now by Greg. He shouted angrily, "Fuck! Who the hell kicked me?"

Greg put his coat on Leona and held her up. "Well, it's me who kicked you, isn't it? How dare you touch my woman?"

Noticing that the man standing in front of him was actually Greg, Mr. Zhang immediately wiped his eyes with force and said with a frightened face, "Well, it's you, Mr. Wei. I didn't know that she is your woman. Otherwise, I wouldn't have risked my life to touch her. Please don't be mad at me, Mr. Wei!"

He had a small company in C City as well, but this was nothing compared to Greg. As long as Greg curled up his lips, his company would be bought by Greg at any time.

He knew he was a man of power in the underworld, but he didn't dare to offend Greg. As Greg was not angry, Mr. Zhang had to act on his own and defend himself.

Mr. Zhang couldn't help regretting that this new girl had something to do with Greg. What the hell was this? Greg actually let his woman to be barmaid here. However, the most important thing right now was to get through what happened now.

On the other side, Greg just had a cold glance at him and then picked up Leona and left the room. Greg walked all the way to the car outside, and put Leona into the car, then he sat on the driver's seat, and stepped hard on the accelerator. The car flew away like an arrow.

Sitting on the copilot seat, Leona only felt hot all over her body and could not help shouting, "so hot..." The coat that was covering her slipped down and Leona continued to move.

Greg frowned at the abnormal flush on Leona's face. Obviously, someone drugged her. Greg cursed in her mind, 'Damn it! How could he drug her?'

At that moment, Leona had moved to the side of Greg. She tried to lean against him. She just felt that she would feel much better if she stayed closer to him.

"You stupid woman! Stop moving!" As Greg spoke, Leona fiddled him with her fingers again and again, which distracted him from driving toward the sidewalk nearby.

However, Leona did not hear what he said at all. She kept on pulling her clothes.

Greg drove his car into the beard and grabbed Leona's hand, shouting, "Leona, wake up!"

"I'm so uncomfortable..." Leona murmured unconsciously, not knowin

st night, what would you be like now?"

Hearing what he said, Leona realized that it was indeed Greg who saved her last night. But at the same time, she almost threw the towel on his head.

If he had not asked her to be a barmaid in the bar, she would not have been bullied by that idiot. In the final analysis, it was all his fault. But now she was the one who should express her gratitude. How dare he say that?

However, Leona did not understand why Greg would appear in the bar as he asked her to drink with guests? But that was not what she cared about. Besides, she knew even if she asked, he would never say it. So she didn't want to bring disgrace on herself.

Looking at Leona being in a daze, Greg said in a cold voice again, "Dry my hair carefully. What you did yesterday offended the big client in the bar, and you'll pay for it! I really don't understand why you are so stupid. You didn't even notice that someone drugged you. It's really a miracle that you could grow up to this age!"

That explained why Leona couldn't remember anything last night. It turned out that she was drugged. Fortunately, she was rescued by Greg, otherwise she really didn't know what to do.

But Greg would also held her accountable to this. What she lacked now was money. She might not be able to pay it all her life.

Finally, Leona wiped Greg's hair dry. Greg looked at her and said, "Silly woman, how are you going to compensate me for that?"

Leona said reluctantly, "I'll go to drink with them again tonight to make money for you as soon as possible! And I have my name. Don't call me stupid woman anymore!"

Hearing her protest, Greg burst into laughter and said, "You're stupid to refuse to admit it. By the way, if I ask you to go to the bar again, it won't be closed in a few days, so you'll stay here as a maid from today on!"

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