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   Chapter 83 Help Me

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Amelia didn't expect things to go on like this. She had intended to ask Leona to accompany Mr. Jin. Although Mr. Jin was a regular visitor here, he was very honest.

But this Mr. Zhang was different. Almost all the barmaids had been brought to the party by him. Although he looked like a businessman, he was the mafia boss in this city. They didn't dare to offend him.

But when Amelia saw that Leona was looking for her help, she couldn't bear to leave Leona alone. So she walked to Leona and tried to pull her out of Mr. Zhang's arms secretly. Then Amelia smiled and said, "Mr. Zhang, don't frighten our new mistress. She won't go out tonight. How about letting her accompany Mr. Jin!"

Mr. Zhang glared at Amelia and slapped her in the face. He also scolded, "Bitch! Don't ask for it! I like her, so she is blessed. I don't care about if she wants or not. I can take anyone with me as long as I want! Get out! Don't fucking get in my way! "

Amelia fell on the ground hard. Although there was great pain on her face, she dared not say a word. She cast a glance at Leona and left the room.

"Amelia..." Seeing Amelia going out, Leona shouted anxiously.

At this moment, Mr. Zhang had pulled Leona who was struggling to get rid of his grasp and walked to the sofa aside. He put one arm around Leona's shoulder, picked up a glass of whisky and put it in front of her mouth. He said, "dear, please drink a glass of whisky for Mr. Zhang." He asked Leona to drink with his other hand wandering around. He liked this kind of innocent girl.

While struggling, Leona tried to take away Mr. Zhang's hand on her body and pushed out the glass on her mouth.

Although Leona had worked in the bar for a long time, she was only a waitress before. It was the first time that she had seen such a scene. As Leona recalled that she had almost been bullied by Greg there last time, she was terrified.

If it weren't for York's appearance that day, she would have been bullied by Greg. But now, York was on the other side of the continent, and it was impossible for him to come back to save her. As for Greg, she knew it was even more impossible. Leona's heart sank to the bottom.

Leona continued to refuse, and at the same time, she looked at the other people for help, and said in panic, "Sorry, I, I can't drink!"

However, they were just sitting there and waiting to see what was going on. The middle-aged man who sat on the right had a smile on his face and said, "Mr. Zhang is in a good mood today. You shouldn't have made Mr. Zhang angry today. You'd better drink as much as you can, or it will do no good to you!"

His tone was very threatening. Hearing that, Leona felt more embarrassed and indignant. She had seen this Mr. Zhang slapped Amelia, and knew that these men didn't treat them as human beings. What should

the boss was willing to help.

Greg could see at a glance what Greg wanted to say something, so he asked immediately, "what's the matter?"

Hearing this, Amelia said, "Boss, Leona is in No. 3 private room. You'd better go and have a look. If you come late, I'm afraid she will be bullied."

Hearing what Amelia said, there was no expression on Greg's face, but God knew that his heart was filled with anger at this time.

But that was exactly what he wanted. Why did he want to go inside to save her after he heard that she was in danger? No, I'm tired of her. Even if she has sex with another man, it has nothing to do with me, right?

Mr. Zhang was about to get in the box, and Mr. Jin wearing gold rimmed glasses stood up and said, "We'd better not disturb you. We should go out now!" Then he walked towards the door first.

Another middle-aged man exchanged a knowing look with Mr. Jin. If they didn't mishear, this woman called Greg.

Everyone in the business circle of C City knew Greg, and it didn't matter if the girl really knew Greg. It wasn't worth offending him just because of Mr. Zhang.

Besides, they were not interested in the scene at all. They stood up and said, "Please enjoy yourself, Mr. Zhang. We will see you next time!" After that, they walked out of the private room with two hostesses.

As the door of the private room opened and closed for a while, it could be seen faintly that Leona was under Mr. Zhang's control. Although she had no strength at the moment, she tried her best to hide aside and cried weakly, "no! Greg helps me!"

On the other side, Greg was standing beside the bar counter and looking at room three. He had been hesitating whether he should go in and save that woman.

Then two men and two women came out. Through the open door, Greg just saw what happened inside. Hence, he couldn't help but stride into the room.

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