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   Chapter 82 Tell Her To Have A Drink With Me

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Hearing that, Leona didn't quite understand what he meant for a moment, and after a long time she finally understood that he said maybe other men would like her. Her heart sank to the bottom. Did he want her to accompany another man?

No, I don't believe he would do that to me. Leona looked at him incredulously. Greg became a stranger to her at this moment.

After a long while, there was no reply from Leona, so Jonson said, "It's okay if you don't want to do it. The worst result is that Jonson was chased out of the hospital!" At the thought of that scene, Greg gave a cunning smile unconsciously. That was what Jonson deserved.

Leona turned around suddenly and looked at this demon-like man. At this moment, Leona was fiercely struggling in her heart. Even though Jonson had treated her badly in the past, he was still her father. She couldn't watch him die because he couldn't afford the medical expenses.

In the end, Leona made up her mind. She closed her eyes and said in a trembling voice, "Okay, I promise you! Tell me, what do you want me to do?"

Greg was not surprised at all and a disdainful look appeared on her face. Maybe she just wanted to take this opportunity to seduce someone else. Anger rose in his heart. Greg said coldly, "Go to your bar and be a barmaid. Then you can earn a lot of money in a short time! Of course, if you are willing to go out and sleep with our guests, you will earn more money faster!"

Leona's heart sank. She lowered her head and said, "Okay, I'll be a barmaid, but I won't go with guests...""

Greg impatiently waved his hand and said, "You can get out now!"

With a broken heart, Leona walked out of the villa. It was late at night and the bar was the most popular time, so she took a bus and went to the bar.

As soon as Leona was out of the taxi, Greg took out her phone and called the waitress of the bar, "You'll ask Leona to drink with guests."

Inside the bar, the waitress was checking on the business. She kept going through all kinds of rooms to send the customers the hostesses they liked.

Amelia was stunned when she received the boss's call all of a sudden. Leona had worked here for more than half a year, and she knew that his boss used to take care of Leona. Why did he suddenly ask her to drink with him?

As a frequent visitor to this kind of club, Amelia knew what those men were thinking about. 'It's not a good job for Leona. If she goes to drink with them, they will make fun of her.' Amelia thought.

At this moment, Amelia thought she had heard it wrong, so she asked uncertainly, "Boss, do you refer to Leona? But she... "

On hearing that, Greg frowned again. He hated to be questioned. He said angrily, "Is there any problems?" Are you questioning my

had any other choice. Leona nodded slightly and said, "Amelia, I've made up my mind, but I can't go out with the guests. I, I can only serve the guests with wine!" Speaking of this, Leona almost lost the courage to continue.

Amelia nodded and said, "Don't worry, I know. Come with me now. Mr. Jin has been waiting for you for a long time!" Then she led Leona out of the room.

Following Amelia, Leona went straight to room 3, where there were three people. The man in the middle of the group was a man of urbane demeanor, wearing a pair of gold rimmed glasses. At his forties, he looked a little bit indifferent.

There was a fat bald man sitting on the left. He put a big cigar in his fingers and pressed himself against the sofa. Right then, he was holding a young girl with heavy make-up, making fun of her.

On the right sat a middle-aged man, and a hostess beside him.

At this time, Amelia came in with Leona. She walked up to them with a smile and said, "Mr. gold, this is our hostess who just drank into the sea today. Please take good care of her!"

In an instant, everyone in the room looked at Leona. The eyes of the three men simultaneously revealed a glimmer of amazement. Before Amelia could say anything else, the fat, bald man pushed the young girl beside him to a middle-aged man with gold rimmed glasses and said, "Mr. Jin, I'll let Hilda accompany you today. I want to try the new comer first!"

Then he dragged Leona into his arms and kissed her on her face. With the disgusting smell of cigarettes and alcohol in Leona, she almost spat it out. The man said in an obscene manner, "My sweetheart, let me teach you how to accompany the guests today!"

Leona had never seen such a scene before. Leona was so frightened that she struggled hard and helplessly looked at Amelia. "No, Amelia, help me..."

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