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   Chapter 81 Are You Worth Ten Million

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But at the same time, Leona took out her phone and dialed to Greg. The phone kept ringing for quite a while before it was connected, and Greg said in a low and magnetic voice, "Hello! I'm very busy now. Let's talk about it tonight!" Then he hung up the phone.

"Hello..." Looking at the phone that was hung up, Leona's face turned black. Was this guy too busy to listen to her?

After hanging up the phone, Leona found that it was already noon and it was too late to go to school. Since she had to beg him again tonight, it might be better to find another good way. And things might be smoother.

Leona had a simple breakfast and then went to the kitchen. There were all kinds of dishes in Greg's kitchen, and in the fridge were the fresh seafood and all kinds of high-grade food materials that he had brought in the recent days. This guy really had a good time to enjoy.

Lina saw that Leona came to the kitchen and immediately said anxiously, "Leona, why are you here? You'd better go back to have a rest now. I can handle it here. Mr. Wei will be unhappy if he sees it!"

Leona shook her head and said with a smile, "it doesn't matter, Lina. I also cook every day at home, but I can only cook some home cooking. I want to cook a nice meal for Greg myself. Can you teach me?"

"Okay then! Mr. Wei is not a picky eater. He usually eats the ordinary food!" Lina agreed when she saw the sincere look on Leona's face. While cooking, Lina couldn't help helping.

Looking at the skillful operation of Leona, Lina preferred her more. How nice would it be if she had such a daughter too?

After a short while, Leona made eight dishes and one bowl of soup and put them on the table. She looked at the time and found that it was already six o'clock in the evening. It was time for Greg to get off work, right?

However, Lina seemed to be embarrassed and said, "We don't know. Mr. Wei seldom comes here in usual. Sometimes, he even doesn't eat anything when he comes back. And Mr. Wei is often engaged in social activities. However, in case that he comes back one day, we will wait for him at home, and we don't know whether he will come back or not! But I'm sure with your presence today, he will come back! "

Leona despised Greg very much. Didn't he know how hard it was to make money? What a disgusting pig he was! Pigs never wasted food, even though they were pigs. Compare him to a pig is a consult to this cute animal.

Looking at the table full of dishes, Leona felt very hungry. She had been busy cooking all day. Till now, she was already starving, but the pig hadn't come back.

Before Leona was about to call him again, she heard the sound of car engine from outside the door. Lina was immediately happy and said, "It's Mr. Wei!"

At that moment, Greg entered the room. He was obviously shocked when he saw the dishes

t on top of her and try to take advantage of her.

But he controlled his anger. He had seen countless women who were prettier and in better shape than her. But it was just her that could easily irritate him with a little move. Greg was even angrier at this moment.

Who did she think she was? Why did he have such a special feeling for her? Greg tried hard to restrain her impulse and said in a sarcastic tone, "You do value yourself, don't you? You are just so popular with these women, do you think you are really worth the money? It would cost at least ten million to get Jonson out of this dilemma. Do you think it is worth ten million of your legs?"

Hearing his words, Leona felt so ashamed that she wished there was a hole on the ground to bury herself. It seemed that he was really tired of her. In that case, it would make no sense for her to do so.

The reason why he asked her to come to him was that he wanted to humiliate her further. Now she only hated herself for being so naive to believe that he was really willing to help her.

How could she forget that he was a businessman, who would never do a losing business. Now all he wanted was to see how she would make a fool of herself.

Holding back her tears, Leona picked up the clothes nearby and put on them. Then she turned around and walked towards the door.

When she was about to open the door and turn it gently, Greg's voice came again, "You give up so easily. It seems that Jonson is not important in your heart! "

Leona took a deep breath and did not turn around. She just said with her back to Greg, "I have nothing now. How can I ask you for help?"

Looking at her helpless face, Greg felt very delighted and said, "Maybe there's another way. Although I'm tired of your body, there may be someone else who likes it. As long as you want, I don't mind if you can make use of yourself to save Jonson!"

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