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   Chapter 80 Bathe Me

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When Leona arrived at the villa, it was already very late. Lina let her in as soon as she saw it was Leona. Lina then said with a smile, "Leona, you haven't been here for quite a long time. Come in quickly!"

Leona smiled ironically and followed Lina in. If possible, she would rather never come back again all her life. As Leona walked in, she asked, "Lina, is Greg here?"

Lina seemed to recall something when she heard the question. She suddenly stopped and said vaguely, "ah? Mr. Wei! He... "

Before Lina could finish her words, Wayne saw Leona. He walked up to her and said, "Miss Ling, you are here. The CEO is upstairs."

Leona nodded and said, "Thank you!" So Leona went upstairs. When she arrived at the room where Greg was living, the door was half open. And on the point of entering the room, a woman's voice came from it.

As an experienced girl, Leona knew exactly what the girl's voice meant. Therefore, it was obvious that Greg was doing the same thing to another woman inside that he had done to her.

Leona took a deep breath at the door. At this moment, she felt her heart was going to jump out of her chest. She kept repeating the scene in her mind, and tears fell down her cheeks unconsciously.

Now she finally knew that she was just a toy of Greg. He would throw it away when he got tired of it. He had said that he would be attracted to a woman for at most a month. But since he was already tired of her, why did he still ask her to come to him?

On the other side of the room, Greg was lying on the sofa with another woman. He heard the footsteps from outside and knew that it was Leona, so he immediately said, "come in!"

But on the other side, Leona was still immersed in her own sorrow when she suddenly heard the voice of Greg, and she was startled. She wiped away her tears and wondered how he knew she was here. 'Maybe I heard it wrong.

After waiting for a long time, Greg still didn't see Leona came in, so he shouted at her again, "Leona, I told you to come in!"

Hearing that, Leona was sure that the pig was calling her name. She frowned and thought, 'How would he ask me to get in. Isn't he afraid of being seen?' But Leona suddenly remembered that she came to beg him today, so she had no choice but to open the door and walk in.

Seeing Leona stand there with her head down, Greg said in a demon like voice again, "Look up. You're a lousy woman. You need to learn how to do it."

Leona took several deep breaths and

he just did it on purpose in front of Leona.

And that woman had a strong perfume smell, which was the one he hated most. However, the more reluctant Leona was, the more he wanted to make things difficult for her. Greg immediately said, "I'm very tired. You help me do it!"

Leona was speechless and looked at him. This pig asked her to help him take a bath. Couldn't he do it himself? Leona clenched her fists and tried to calm down.

On the other hand, Greg stood up and walked towards the bathroom, without even looking at Leona. He said while walking, "What are you doing there?" If you don't, then get out!"

Leona clenched her fists. He was humiliating her, but she could do nothing but to obey.

Thinking of this, Leona constantly worked on her psychological construction. She just took a bath of a pig and was about to walk into the bathroom.

Leona did not dare to look at his body. She could only pick up the bottle beside in a hurry by feeling. She pour it down in a hurry, without seeing clearly if it was the body wash or the shampoo.

Greg dragged Leona into the bathtub with one of his hands, and water splashed all over the tub.

"What?" Suddenly, Leona was dragged into the bathtub with her eyes closed. She screamed with her eyes wide open.

On the other side, Claire was so nervous that she quickly wiped off the rest of her clothes and then pounced on her

The next morning, Greg got up early and went to the company. It was already noon when Leona woke up. Looking at the place which was already cold, she kept regretting that she hadn't said what she wanted to say. Didn't she spend the whole night in vain?

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