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   Chapter 79 Wait For Him In The Villa

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After saying that, Cynthia held Leona's hand and walked out of the hospital. She burst into tears again and said, "You must be wondering why your father is in this ward. We have no other choice. The hospital has informed us the last time that if we don't pay the medical fees, they will send your father out! Cynthia sobbed.

Sensing the severity of the matter, Leona anxiously held Cynthia's hand and asked, "What happened? You were fine the other day, weren't you?"

Crying, Cynthia told the whole story and finally said, "Leona, you can only help us when Greg is ordering you to beg him. Now we have no place to live, please promise to help us!"

On hearing that Cynthia wanted to ask her to beg Greg, Leona was struck by lightning. How could that pig use such a despicable method to force her? Enraged, Leona shouted, "I won't beg him. I don't believe we won't survive without him!"

Hearing that, Cynthia became anxious. By instinct, she wanted to scold Leona, but was stopped by Jasmine.

Jasmine winked at her mother and turned to Leona, "We don't want to do this either, but now, Dad's medical fee alone costs more than a hundred thousand dollars, all of our family accounts have been frozen, and we can't enter the house. We all agreed. But if father can't continue to be hospitalized for treatment, he will have to wait for death. Do you want to see him die because he can't afford the medical fee?"

"How come such a large amount of fee?" Leona was shocked by the money. She didn't even have 10 thousand and only had one hundred thousand. How could she pay the money?

At this time, Cynthia suddenly sat on the ground and cried out loudly, "Oh my God, Jonson, your biological daughter doesn't care about you. What should I do? I can't let die like this. If you were dead, I would not live; if you were gone, how could I live? I would rather die... "

Jasmine cried together. Hearing their cry, Leona didn't know what to do but comforted, "Don't cry. Let's think about other solutions, okay?"

After taking a look at Leona, Cynthia cried again, "what else can I do? Think about it carefully. When your father's friends heard that our family had gone bankrupt, they all kept away from us. What's more, the bank is forcing us to pay back the money. There is no way for us to think about it. If you don't care about it anymore, we will only have a dead end!"

"Mom, let's not beg her. We wouldn't ask her to do this. It's not a big deal. Let's die together at least we won't be laughed at. Greg doesn't want me anymore. What's the meaning of living? I'd rather die with you and dad."

At a loss, Leona persuaded them and said anxiously, "Don't take things too hard. At the worst, I'll give it a try, okay?"

As soon as those words were spoken out of Leona's mouth, the two stopped crying as well. With a look of expectation on her face, Cynthia asked, "Leona, are you rea

ry. But she's not so beautiful after taking a good look at her! " Said the previous receptionist.

Hearing that, Leona felt a fever on her face all of a sudden. She hadn't expected that after so many days, this matter was still remembered by somebody, so she walked out of the gate of the Wei Group in dejection.

Looking around, she found a basin in front of her. If she came out, she should have walked through the door and waited there.

It was more than two hours after the meeting, but Leona didn't call again. She was going to give up?

When Greg went back to his office, he looked downstairs and saw a familiar figure sitting beside the spray fountain in front of the company's door. Greg was immediately cheered up.

Sitting there from this afternoon till all the employees went off work, Leona didn't see Greg even though the lights in the building were all off. During this period, she didn't dare to sell a piece of bread even though she was hungry, because she was afraid that it happened to be when Greg came out.

It was getting dark. Leona slapped her forehead and blamed herself for being so stupid. How could he move through the door? He must have driven directly from the underground parking lot. 'How stupid I am to wait here all afternoon, ' she thought.

She took out her phone again and dialed. It took Greg a long time to answer. "Hello?" Greg said on the other end of the phone.

As soon as she heard that, Leona answered, "Is that Greg? I'm Leona. Do you have any time now? I, I have something to talk with you!"

"I'm busy now. Let's talk about it later!" Then Greg hung up the phone.

"Hello..." Looking at the phone, Leona wondered whether he was really so busy. Or she could go to his villa to wait for him. He would go there after he finished his work!

Looking at the phone, Greg smiled cheerfully. He thought that this stupid woman should go to the villa and wait for him then.

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