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   Chapter 78 Why Was She Named Leona

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"Let Leona come?" It seemed that Cynthia didn't understand what Greg was talking about, so she repeated it automatically.

Greg said impatiently, "I don't like to repeat my words. If you want me to help you through this, then let Leona come. Or you'll just wait for the bankruptcy. Security, send Mrs. Ling out!" As he spoke, Greg began to ask him out.

Two security guards rushed in and pulled him out. Not until then did Cynthia wake up from his coma. She kept struggling and shouting, "why is that bitch? What's more, Jasmine is as good as that bitch. Don't be cheated by her. She is the same as her mother. They are all good at seducing men."

Looking at her disappearing figure, Greg continued to tapped the table with his fingers. Of course he knew who Leona was. He had seen her that night, hadn't he? But he wanted to make Leona come to him. Only when he saw her crawling at his feet in front of him without dignity would the depression in his heart disappear.

Greg looked at the door of the CEO's office with a bloodthirsty expression in his eyes, and thought, "Leona, I'll wait for you to beg me."

Then, Cynthia was carried out of the Wei International Trade Company by the security guards and thrown to the gate. His hair was in a mess and her expensive clothes was unbuttoned.

As people kept paying attention to them, Cynthia screamed like a shrew while tidying her clothes, "What are you looking at? Go away!" Then she walked away in a hurry.

On the way, Cynthia was very angry. Why did she have to beg that bitch's daughter? It was not only that Bess had stolen her husband, but also her daughter had come to steal the boyfriend of Jasmine. How could her and her daughter be so cruel? Why did she have to force the Ling family to decline?

Just then, the phone rang. Cynthia answered it, "Hello, Jasmine!"

"Mom, where are you now? The hospital said that Dad would be forced to leave the hospital if he didn't pay the medical fees. What's more, the house has been sealed up, and I can't withdraw the money from my bank card. What should we do?"

Upon hearing her daughter's words, Cynthia felt dizzy and almost fell to the ground. She didn't care whether Jonson could continue to receive treatment in the hospital, but now that all of their property was sealed up, where would she and Jasmine go in the future? How could they survive?

Cynthia married to Jonson after graduation from college. She had no job at all for so many years. In the past decades, she had lived a comfortable life where she could provide for herself and her family. All of a sudden, she had no place to live, which almost made her collapse.

Unknowingly, Cynthia arrived at Leona's school. She gritted her teeth and hesitated whether she should go to see Leona. Cynthia hated Leona but had no other feelings for her.


would like to share her husband with others. No matter what happened, it's our family's fault and it has nothing to do with you. Please forgive me, okay? Cynthia sobbed. Then she burst into tears.

Leona was stunned by her words. In her memory, the middle-aged woman was always like a queen. She had never admitted her mistake and cried in front of her. But Leona really could understand Cynthia's mood. As she said, no women would like to share their love with others.

But Leona didn't say anything. Leona sensed that something was wrong. She wanted to know why they came to her.

Hearing no response from Leona, Cynthia continued, "Your father got stroke and is now in hospital. We just want you to visit him. He misses you very much now. Although he was strict with you before, he still loved you very much in his heart!"

When Leona heard the news that Jonson was sent in hospital because of a stroke, she was shocked. Her father had always been in good health, how could it be a stroke? Although Jonson didn't treat her well, he was her father after all and a family bond could not be cut off.

"My father is in hospital?" Leona asked. Where is he now? "

After looking at each other, Cynthia and Jasmine knew that it was the right thing to do. Leona did care about Jonson.

After a while, the three of them arrived at the hospital where Jonson was hospitalized. When Leona saw that Jonson, who had been high spirited and vigorous, became white haired in an instant, she felt sad and burst into tears!

Jonson, who was temporarily out of danger, was lying in the most common ward. There were more than a dozen beds, and the families were all in a mess. Leona suddenly felt strange. With the Ling family's financial resources, it was impossible for them to let their father stay in such a ward. Leona turned to Cynthia and asked, "Has anything happened to your family?"

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