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   Chapter 76 So Near But So Far

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Upon hearing this, Samuel stared at Leona in front of him who was crying sadly. He felt sorry for her before, but now it seemed that she had gotten what she deserved.

After crying for a long time, Leona found that the man in front of her was Samuel. She struggled to stand up and said, "Thank you. I will pay you back as soon as I get to the hospital and the money for the accommodation!"

"Huh, it feels good to be a mistress, right? It's the day of Greg's engagement party. No wonder you were beaten like this. You must have been noticed by his fiancee. I really don't understand why you are willing to be a third party even though York loves you so much. You're really a bitch. I don't think you deserves York's love. " Then Samuel pushed Leona aside, opened the door and strode away.

Sitting on the floor, Leona looked at the door and knew that Greg was in a room on this floor and doing to the young girl what he had done to her. At this moment, she felt like her heart was bleeding.

They were so close to each other, but as far as the distance was, Leona cried with hands over her head. With the hotel's soundproofing equipment, she could cry her heart out and she didn't care others would hear her.

Sitting on the sofa with an angry face, Greg shook the glass of wine in his hand, which made his look as cold as ice.

The young girl next to him was frightened and didn't know what to do. She sensed that Mr. Wei was in a bad mood, so she thought she should leave now. But she knew that Greg was always generous to women, and she didn't want to leave so soon, so she didn't know what to do.

Finally, the girl summoned up her courage and came to Greg. She said in a low voice, "you HMM! " Before she could finish her words, she was pulled over by a pair of powerful arms. The girl rotated and then fell into the arms of Greg. Her lips were immediately covered by him.

Embarrassed, the girl closed her eyes and wrapped her hands around Greg's neck, immersed in it

However, when a pungent perfume spread into Greg's nose, the face of Leona appeared in his mind again.

This smell would never be left on Leona as she always smelt like milk bath cream which was so clean and fresh. Greg lost all his interest. So he sat up and pulled his tie hard.

He took out a pack of

best to escape from it. However, Greg was faster than her. He held her slender waist with one hand, and pressed the button of the top floor with the other hand, and the elevator door was closed again.

"How can you do this to me? Let go of me, or I will sue you!" As hard as she could, Leona tried to break loose from his grasp, but that was useless.

Greg said as he continued to dwell on Leona's neck, "Whatever!"

But Leona lost all her strength. She only ate the breakfast yesterday morning, and she had no appetite to eat now as she saw Greg last night, Until now, Leona still didn't eat anything. She obviously felt herself a little exhausted.

Taking the opportunity where Greg was not noticing, Leona spared a hand and slapped him on the face.

After the slap, Leona was frightened. She saw that there were two bunches of flames in Greg's eyes, and she told herself not to be afraid.

Coming to himself, Greg stared at Leona and said angrily, "How dare you hit me?"

Leona was so frightened that both of her legs could not keep balance. She was really afraid that Greg would be angry and beat her. But she still managed to sit up straight. She stared at the anger in his eyes and said, "How is it? You shouldn't have forced me. The surveillance video is here. I can sue you at any time!"

Out of her expectation, Greg laughed and said in a sarcastic tone, "You stupid woman! Why don't you learn from it? I said that I don't care at all. You can go at any time, but before that I think we may make a deal!"

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