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   Chapter 75 You Have No Right To Mind My Business

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This was absolutely out of Samuel's expectation. How could he be misunderstood by that nurse while he had gone through all this?

"You misunderstood. He didn't beat me. He sent me to the hospital because he felt sorry for me." Said Leona.

The nurse nodded apologetically and left, full of guilt.

After getting the receipt from Samuel, Leona said, "Thank you. I'll pay you back!"

Samuel didn't care about the money. He was just curious why Leona was in such an awkward situation. Samuel asked again, "Who on earth beat you like this?"

Hearing that, Leona shook her head and said, "Nothing. I made it by accident!"

Of course, Samuel didn't buy her words. But as long as she insisted, he could say nothing. Leona looked so pitiful.

He asked, "Where are you going now?"

After thinking for a while, Leona said, "Please help me to get to an ATM!" Leona had to withdraw some money and find a hostel to stay for one night.

Samuel also realized that Leona had nowhere else to go. It was really hard for him to leave a girl in the middle of the night. Samuel sighed and said, "Well, you come with me. I'll take you to eat something first, and then find a hotel to stay for one night!" Then he dragged Leona out of the room.

"That's unnecessary..." Trying to follow Samuel passively while refusing, Leona did not forget what he said before. What if he really wanted to be together with her? This was so bad.

Stopping, Samuel turned his head to see the vigilant look on Leona's face. Her big eyes showed that she thought he was a lecher. Her expressions did tell anything.

"I'm not a picky eater. Do you still have that good mood even if you get hurt? Stop thinking about the dirty things! I have a good taste! And what I hate most is forcing women. We are always consensual. That's boring! "

Hearing that, Leona's face turned red. Samuel could actually see what she was thinking in her mind, and how could he say that in such a casual way? When Leona was lost in various fancies and conjectures, she was pulled into the car by Samuel.

While driving the car, Samuel skillfully controlled the steering wheel and asked Leona: "What do you want to eat?"

"What?" Still immersed in her own thoughts, Leona didn't hear clearly what Samuel said.

Enraged by her response, Samuel added, "l am asking what would you like to eat."

Hearing that, Leona said in a hurry, "Instant noodles is fine!" She had already spent too much money of him today. If she had another meal with him, God knew how much money she would have left for today. She even suspected that it was not enough at all.

After all, she didn't have a close relationship with Samuel, and he sent her to the hospital out of kindness. She decided to pay him back tomorrow. But t

ind my business? Mr. Wei, please remember that you are engaged. And we have nothing to do with each other. I have the right to choose anyone I want. You have nothing to do with it. It's late. I have to go to bed! "

As soon as Leona finished her words, she squirmed out of Greg's grasp, scurried into the room and slammed the door close in front of Greg.

Looking at the closed door, Greg gritted her teeth, "Bitch, how dare you..."

Before he finished his words, the door in front of him was opened, and a suit was thrown out in an instant. Leona said, "Here's your suit!" Then the door was closed again.

On the other hand, Greg was carrying that suit in his hand. There were a few dried blood stains on it, which belonged to Leona. As he flung the suit to the ground, Greg flung it away and shouted, "Get out of the room!"

Bang! Bang! Bang! Greg kicked the door hard like a crazy person. Leona was sitting on the ground leaning against the door. Those few words had exhausted all of her strength, and at this moment, her tears fell down along the corners of her eyes again.

Standing next to them, Samuel looked at all this coldly. He had some sympathy for this woman before, but now all the sympathy was gone, and she deserved it. How kind York was to her! He had given up everything for her, but what had she done?

On the other side, Greg kicked the door open like crazy, totally ignoring the curious eyes from the other room. "Don't look at me like that? Go back to sleep, or I'll kick your door again!"

When they realized that it was a drunken guy, they closed the door immediately.

Ten minutes later, Greg was tired. Gasping for breath, Greg pointed at the door of Leona's room and shouted, "Leona, you slut! You're gonna pay for what you did tonight!" Then he pulled the girl and went into room 2310 next door.

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