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   Chapter 74 Miss Her

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When Leona came out of the Ling's house with some luggage, she looked at the dark night and didn't know what to do. She didn't have any friends here. She had been busy working all the time and had no time to make friends. It was already eleven o'clock at night. Where was she going?

Even if she needed time to look for a house, she had no place to go now. Carrying the luggage, walking on the empty street, she felt like a stray cat.

Standing on the rooftop, Leona stared blankly at the street. To her surprise, there was no place in the vast C City for her to stay. The wound that had been bandaged in the hospital was split again by Cynthia, blood seeping out of her clothes.

On the other side, Greg was driving aimlessly on the street. He didn't know why he was so upset. He had taken revenge on his foe's daughter in the daytime, and he didn't know why he wasn't happy at all.

Greg had thought it was from Jasmine when she called him. He had thought that Leona would beg or question him why he had done that.

However, after Leona left at the banquet, he didn't receive any call from her. On the contrary, he felt empty in his heart. There were several times when he picked up the phone, he couldn't help but want to call her, but finally he didn't.

He told himself in his heart that his interest in women could only last for one month at most. He had been with Leona for three to four months and he should be tired of her already.

But he couldn't help thinking of her face, her smiling face, her pouting face, her angry face and even her grimace behind him.

Greg hit the steering wheel with great force and scratched his head. He shouldn't have thought of her.

The car came to the roof inadvertently. Just as the car was about to drive on, the phone suddenly rang. Greg took out his phone, and it was a call from his good friend, Vincent. He unlocked the phone and said, "Hello, what's the matter? It's so late."

"Hey buddy, you just called me to have a drink. Did you forget? Why didn't you hold your fiancee to sleep but hang out to drink? What a shame! " It was Vincent.

"Okay, where are you now? I'll come to you right now!" Before Vincent could finish, Greg hung up and drove the car around.

At this moment, Leona came to the side of the bridge with her luggage. She had thought a lot just now. But no matter what, she had to get on. She couldn't count on nobody but herself.

It was getting late and she had to find a place to stay. She couldn't afford to live in those upscale hotels, but she wouldn't have to stay at the train station.

Finally, Leona made up her mind and found a hostel. At least, she had to dress her wounds. Otherwise, how could she go to school and work tomorrow?

get off the car!"

Looking at the hospital, Leona frowned and said, "I don't need to come here. It's just some small wounds. I just need to buy some gauze and disinfectant to bandage them!"

Samuel's patience ran out. He didn't understand why this woman was so strange. It was said that she only needed to bandage the wound. What if she got injured?

It seemed that he had to take some extreme measures to deal with this woman. Samuel asked with a gloomy face, "Do you want me to carry you in? If you are willing to, I don't mind doing a good thing! "

Leona frowned slightly as she was amused by Samuel's bossy attitude. Greg always threatened her like that.

She shook her head hard. She shouldn't have missed him. From now on, they were just strangers. Originally, there were two parallel lines. Even if they crossed unconsciously, they would eventually go back to their respective lane.

Looking at the resolve on Samuel's face, Leona didn't doubt that if she really didn't get out of the car, he would hold her in personally. She only had dozens of cash with her and the rest was kept in the card. Normally she didn't have over thirty dollars in her account.

She got out of the car embarrassedly and looked around to see if there was an ATM. At this time, Samuel had pulled her into the hospital.

"Wait, wait, I'm going to withdraw some money!" However, Leona dared not yell at her as she was in the hospital and it was in the middle of the night.

However, Samuel didn't seem to stop. He continued to drag her inside, quickly found the emergency room and pushed her inside.

When the nurse finally dressed all the wounds on Leona's body, she saw Samuel and said with disdain, "How could you hit a woman like this? There are dozens of wounds on her body. I don't understand how you could do it.

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