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   Chapter 73 Leaving The Ling Family

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Noticing that her daughter's face was covered with tears and her eyes were red and swollen, it was obvious that Jasmine had cried. When Cynthia saw Jasmine run away without saying a word, she ran after Jasmine and shouted, "Jasmine, where are you going?"

Though running wildly all the way to the backyard, Jasmine desperately found that the lights in Leona's room were not on. Leona was not at home. She must be with Greg.

Jasmine picked up a small money bag from Leona's room and slammed it to the ground. The kitten shaped ceramic money jar was smashed to pieces.

But Jasmine was still very angry after smashing the cash can. She picked up a cup beside her and hit the window and broke the cup at the same time.

In a distance, Cynthia saw her daughter smashing into Leona's room. She seemed to understand something in an instant. She also smashed the window as her daughter did.

Bang! Bang! Leona's small room was ruined by Cynthia and Jasmine in the blink of an eye. All the tables and chairs fell to the ground, and the quilt were left outside the door.

Still thinking it was not enough, Jasmine opened the closet of Leona which was full of expensive clothes. She knew these were what Greg bought for Leona.

Jasmine recalled the time when Leona was entangled with Greg. Jasmine pulled out all the expensive clothes and tore them with all her strength. She was going to destroy everything that Leona could have.

When Jasmine looked down, she even could find some sexy underwear. Her eyes suddenly turned red. That bitch wore a dress to seduce Greg. No wonder he was with her. She must have conquered countless men with it as well.

Cynthia also saw what had been found in Leona's room. Then she started to tear them apart with Jasmine. Meanwhile, she kept scolding Leona, "What a bitch! She really likes to seduce other's husband just like her mother!"

All of a sudden, Jasmine noticed a disk in the closet. Jasmine immediately took the disk out and put it in her own bedroom. As she looked at the disk, she burst into tears because of anger. It turned out that the disk was the one that Leona had received before.

Leona just put it in her bag carelessly and forgot it after she came back. Moreover, there was no TV in her room, so she could not see what was in it at all.

It was nobody else but Leona that was quarreling with a man. Although the man's back was only exposed, Jasmine recognized Greg as soon as she saw him. That was nobody else, she thought.

Jasmine was so furious that she turned off the TV. She took out the disk and snapped it. After that, she leaned against the bed and cried.

As a matter of fact, Jasmine knew that something was going on between Leona and Greg. She had known it since she found Greg's number in Leona's phone last time, but she didn't want to face it.

Cynthia felt awful as she watched his beloved daug

et Cynthia scold and hit her. After all, such things had happened many times over the years. This was the last time. As long as it was over tonight, she would leave here, and from then on, she would have nothing to do with the Ling family.

Looking at the unmoved Leona, Jonson couldn't help trembling all over, while constantly counting on Leona. At this moment, Jonson felt extremely regretful. Why was he so foolish that he got such a retribution?

After a long time, Cynthia and Jonson lost the strength to speak. They had been tortured all day long, which made them hoarse. "Get out of here! You are not a shameless person in the Ling family. You deserve to be disgraced. Now, you are not a member of the Ling family anymore. Get out of here..."

Stunned, Leona looked at her so-called biological father stiffly. She didn't explain anything to her father, knowing that no one would listen to her even if she explained to him. Jonson bowed deeply to Jonson and then walked into the room to pack up her things silently.

In fact, she didn't have any other things to pack up except for her own clothes. Since her miserable T-shirt and jeans were ruined by Greg, she only had two sets of her own clothes.

But their luggage was everywhere in the shopping mall. Leona collected her things in silence, put them on her clothes and then turned to the back door. When she walked past Jonson, Leona bowed deeply again and said, "Thank you for raising me up all these years. From now on, I won't bother you anymore. Goodbye!" After saying that, Leona walked towards the door, without the slightest bit of hesitating.

Looking at the lonely back of Leona, for the first time in his life, Jonson felt a little sad. Was he going too far with his daughter? 'It's late. Where can Leona go?

But thinking of what she had done to Jasmine, Jonson opened his mouth but said nothing in the end. He just watched Leona leave.

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