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   Chapter 72 I'm Used To Her

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On the other hand, Leona didn't take a taxi, but slowly walked towards her own home. She was totally confused and didn't know what Greg was up to? Where could she go in the future? All kinds of things flooded into her mind.

Leona thought all the way but did not come up with an answer. She knew that she would have to face the endless ridicule and the rolling eyes of her classmates after school tomorrow. But what could she do?

She didn't care at all because those persons she didn't care about wouldn't hurt her. She had become the target of the public criticism just because she dated with York. Fortunately, she didn't have many friends, and that was not what she cared about.

No matter how much scorn and despise she had had, it couldn't hurt her more than Greg did. At this moment, she felt like she had been abandoned by the whole world. She was crouching in a dark corner alone licking her wound silently.

Her tears had already dried up by the wind and flowed out again. Leona walked aimlessly, knowing that the Ling family could no longer accept her. The only thing Leona wanted to do now was go back to pack up her things and find a small house to live in.

She also had some money in her account these days. Luckily, she didn't pay the money back to Greg first, otherwise she would have to sleep on the streets.

On the party hall, Leona was leaving with tears in her eyes, which annoyed Greg somehow.

Why is that? He pushed his enemy's daughter into the abyss. At this moment, he should be happy, but why did her eyes full of resentment keep appearing in his mind?

He had got everything he wanted, both her body and her heart. He could see that Leona had fallen in love with him. That was exactly what he wanted. But why didn't he feel any happiness after revenge?

Greg got fidgety and scratched his hair with his hand. Beside him, Jasmine clung to his arm and rubbed her chest against his arm. As long as he lowered his head, he could see the glory in her chest through

ll..." When Jasmine was about to say something, she heard the sound of the busy phone hanging up. All of a sudden, she was so angry that she threw the phone to the ground, then sat down on the ground and began to cry with a low voice.

What was so important that had to be dealt with at the engagement night? Jasmine didn't believe that he was in the company at all. The pictures of him hooking up with Leona flashed through her mind, which almost drove her crazy.

'No! I don't want to stay in the hotel by myself. I need to go home to check whether that bitch is there or not. If she was not here, they must be together.

Then, Jasmine got up, put on her clothes quickly, picked up her bag and left the hotel. She drove her car in the direction of the Ling family.

As soon as Jasmine entered the room, she saw her mother, Cynthia, sitting in the living room and watching a soap show that she watched every day. And Cynthia was also surprised to see Jasmine come home at that time. Cynthia thought that Jasmine should be on the bed with Greg right now, but why did she come back home?

Then she asked, "why did you come back? Where is Greg? On such an important day, you should be together?"

After hearing her mother's words, Jasmine suddenly shed tears, turned around and ran towards the backyard without saying a word.

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