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   Chapter 71 The Truth You Can't Tell

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Sitting on the head of the table absentmindedly, Leona sneaked out of the party from. She was still wearing a suit of Greg, and there were a group of people scrambled to interview her.

"Why did you seduce your sister's fiance?"

"Miss Ling..."

Faced with all these questions, Leona did not know how to answer. She did not want to answer them either. In spite of everyone's questions, she rushed out of the crowd. She only wanted to leave here as soon as possible.

Leona walked on the street alone, and looked at her swollen face curiously from a passer-by. Suddenly she felt like she was abandoned by the whole world.

As she recalled the past, Leona recalled that Greg had treated her very cruelly since they knew each other. That was why she engaged to him after he was kind to her later. He did all of this just to humiliate her more.

But Leona just couldn't figure out why on earth Greg treat her like this. They didn't know each other before. The more Leona thought about it, the sadder she became. Besides, she was badly hurt by Jasmine and Cynthia. She suddenly felt dizzy and then all of a sudden, she lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

Since the banquet, a pair of eyes had been staring at Leona. It was her biological mother, Bess. Seeing that Leona was bullied by Cynthia and Jasmine, Bess was desperate to rush forward and push them away.

But her current status did not allow her to do so. She could only bite her lips and silently watched the situation. She prayed in her heart that Leona would be fine.

But she was Greg's stepmother. If she stood up for her daughter, she didn't know what rumors would be. In particular, there were countless reporters here who would dig out all of her unbearable past. Bess did not dare to face such a scene.

As Bess was immersed in her own thoughts, she caught a glimpse of Greg as he was speaking. There was a scornful look in his eyes. As if he w

e, she gave her a advance notice.

"Leona, you'd better not go to school or work these days!" Said Bess in an implicit way.

"No, I have to go to school. I'll graduate in a year. I can't just quit it. I will go to the part-time work place to work too. Don't worry, I won't be destroyed by this matter. My life is still going to be good!" Leona smiled reluctantly and tried to comfort Bess.

After she cried, Leona felt much better. She had made up her mind that there was no room for her in the Ling family anymore. Fortunately, she had saved some money from her part-time job these days, so she packed up her things and left there completely after she went back.

She had been looking for a house not long ago. Recently, she finally found a relatively cheap small house, which was not far from her school and home.

Leona knew clearly from what Bess said that she was going to face in the near future endless sarcasm, but she didn't care. She had only one year left. As long as she graduated from the University, she would leave here and live in another city.

Finally she left the hospital and refused to be sent back by Bess. She walked back to the Ling family. When she arrived at the back door, it was already dark. Leona didn't know there was a storm waiting for her.

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