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   Chapter 70 Heaven Is Next To Hell

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'Jasmine's fiance? Greg's also my fiance. It's just that the party hasn't begun yet, but why is he Jasmine's fiance now?' Leona thought sadly. Leona was in a total mess.

At this time, a crowd of journalists and hotel waiters rushed in and rescued Leona, who had been beaten up to the ground.

On the other side, Jasmine and Cynthia were in a press conference, with the content of some questions like how Leona hooked up with Jasmine's fiance, which also pointed out that Leona's mother was a mistress.

Meanwhile, another reporter also came to interview Leona. Leona was in a very awkward situation now. She tightly gripped the suit that was covering on her body. Her face had a bruise.

Many reporters put the microphones in front of Leona and asked, "Hello, you are also a member of the Ling family, so what's the relationship between you, Jonson and Jasmine?"

"Today is the engagement day of Jasmine and Greg. Why do you choose to be with Mr. Wei at this time?"

"Are you still a student?"

The questions kept popping up in Leona's mind and she seemed to be on the verge of exploding. At this moment, she really hoped that Greg could stand by her side and help her clarify everything.

Leona couldn't help shaking her head and said, "No, it's not like that. Listen to me. Today is the day that I'm engaged to Greg. Look at the ring on my finger. It's the engagement ring that he gave me..." While saying, Leona stretched out her hand to show everyone the engagement ring on her finger.

At this moment, Cynthia broke through the crowd and came over to grasp Leona's hand. "Dear journalists and friends, how could Mr. Wei buy such a small diamond ring for his fiancee? That's not true. Besides, as we all saw Greg put the diamond ring on Jasmine's finger a moment ago, the fact only suggests that this woman is lying."

to the media that Leona was actually the daughter of the Ling family. Leona was actually the daughter of Jonson but with a different mother.

Although this matter had been talked about among the people at that time, no one remembered it after so many years. Now it was brought up again, which would do no good to the reputation of the Ling Group. At the same time, it might affect the stock of the Mu Company

Some of them started to gossip, "what? Was she the illegitimate daughter of the boss of the Mu Company? No wonder she looks a little like Jonson!"

"I remember that Jonson had an illegitimate daughter. Almost everyone knew that at that time!"

"The illegitimate daughter stole the fiance of his legitimate daughter. What a mess!"

Rumors of various versions were spreading. Some senior reporters even dug up Ling's family's scandals, with all the public opinions pointing to Leona. For a time, Leona became a bad woman.

At this moment, Leona finally knew that the next door to the heaven was hell. Before she came here, she was still immersed in her endless hope for the future. But in the blink of an eye, she was pushed into the hell by Greg.

Leona felt the sound of something broken on her chest.

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