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   Chapter 69 Whose Fiance Is He

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As soon as Greg was close to Leona, he covered her ears with his mouth.

"Well..." Leona, who was in her dream, felt that something was disturbing her beautiful dream. She immediately waved her hand, trying to drive away the annoying thing, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get rid of it.

A strange feeling awakened Leona. She had been put on the table by Greg. Suddenly, Leona pushed him away with a red face. His habit came again.

It suddenly occurred to Leona that they were still in the hotel's lounge room. What if someone saw them? Leona shook her head and shouted, "No! I don't want to be seen!"

"So what? You are my fiancee now. We are legitimate. If you like, just let them see. I don't care! " Greg said indifferently as he barged into her.

But on the other hand, Leona really didn't know how to deal with Greg as she saw him like that. He was very nice to her in other ways, except when it came to sex. He was bossy all the time, but she also felt sweet to see it.

Jasmine searched every corner of the party, but didn't find Greg. Even the men's room was searched, and she still didn't find him.

Did he go to the lounge to have a rest because he was tired? Thinking about this, Jasmine walked towards the resting room on the second floor. Just as she went to the second floor, she heard some strange sounds.

Jasmine was not an inexperienced girl, so she knew what that voice meant. In an instant, her heart beat wildly. Was Greg here? Her hand on the handle of the door couldn't help trembling. At this moment, she didn't even have the courage to open the door!

But on the other hand, she didn't want to give up. She knew that there must be more than one woman on that party. But it was the day of their engagement anyway. She would never do such a thing?

Although she thought so, she couldn't help op

re today? But Leona had never heard of it before. In an instant, Leona's little head seemed to have crashed.

At this time, the people downstairs were all attracted by the earth shaking noise. Because Greg was the famous Golden Bachelor in the upper class of C City, several major newspapers was invited to the engagement banquet.

At this time, the door of the room was flashed with the sound of "click" camera, and some reporters were quickly photographed.

At this moment, Leona was really hard to defend herself. She struggled to turn around and look for Greg. He was the only one who could prove that she was innocent.

However, when he looked around the room and didn't find her, she was frightened to find that Greg wasn't there. Where on earth had he gone at such an important moment? Why didn't he stand out to protect her?

Hearing the noise, Cynthia rushed in through the crowd and slapped Leona heavily. Then she pointed at her nose and asked, "Bitch, why do you hook up with Jasmine's fiance?"

Leona covered her head with her hands, and her cheeks were swollen. Blood flowed down from the corners of her mouth. But she still could hear Cynthia's words clearly. Did Cynthia refer to Greg as Jasmine's fiance?

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