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   Chapter 68 Engagement Party

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Leona nodded shyly and said, "But you'd better not tell anyone about it. He said that we should keep it a secret before the engagement. He wants a surprise!"

"Even though I don't know who the hell he is? But judging from the clothes he gave you and the luxury car he drove, he should be very rich, right? But why is the engagement ring so small? " Julie looked at the small diamond ring in the hand of Leona.

"No, I think it's great. I'm not used to it!" To tell the truth, the big diamond looked very eye-catching. What's more, it was unsafe for her to wear such a big diamond when she was working.

Leona had never worn a ring on her finger during work hours, which was very inconvenient. But she once secretly took it off and found by Greg. That time he was furious and punished her severely, which almost made her almost couldn't get up the second day.

Since then, Leona learnt to wear it no matter how inconvenient it was to prevent that guy from going crazy!

Time passed by quickly and it was a Saturday now. But Leona was woken up early in the morning by Greg. He had been texting her off again and again these days and had kept her staying at his mansion all night, not allowing her to go back to the Ling family.

His bossy attitude made Leona feel helpless but sweet at the same time. She remembered that he needed to hold her in his arms and sleep every night before the engagement, so that she could get used to his company.

It was not until five o'clock that they finished kissing. Looking at the time, Leona found that it was just eight o'clock in the morning. On the other side, Greg was ready to take a bath. Leona was woken up by him.

"Get up, lazy bug. You need to go to make up and try on the dress. It's too late. We can't keep the guests waiting too long for our engagement party!" Said Greg arrogantly.

Hearing his words, Leona finally remembered that

You just need to be more natural!" It was a deep voice over Jasmine's head, which made her heart beat faster.

As soon as they went downstairs, the serious music and the crowd's applause came from downstairs. When Greg declared his engagement to Jasmine in public, Jasmine felt like she was in heaven!

Jasmine was also toasting to the guests next to Greg. Although every time she just had a little lipstick, it still made her a little drunk.

Several girls, who were from rich families and had a good relationship with Jasmine, asked her to have a drink together. When Jasmine turned around, she found that Greg was gone.

So that Jasmine found an excuse and left in a hurry with the wine glass in her hand. She looked around for Greg, but she didn't find him in both the hall downstairs and the garden. Where did he go on such an important day?

At this moment, Greg came to the other door on the second floor and opened the door. He saw that Leona was already asleep. An evil smile appeared on his face, and Leona didn't wake up as he came close to her.

Looking at the pompous scene in front of Leona's dress, Greg swallowed unconsciously. Greg was a little upset. He had been busy with having Leona the whole night. Why did he still want to now?

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