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   Chapter 67 Getting Engaged

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Looking at her sexy shoulders, Greg had an impulse to hide her away. Only he could see her beauty.

Standing there like a cat on hot bricks, Leona's palms were all wet with sweat. She asked nervously, "is it strange to wear like this?"

"No, it's very beautiful. However, I didn't expect you to be so beautiful!" Greg said it sincerely.

Hearing his praise, Leona's face turned even redder and she bowed her head down.

After coming out of the wedding dress shop, Leona was very uneasy. Although she didn't want to be engaged, why did he bring her here if it wasn't for that?

Leona felt that her head was about to explode. A lot of things had happened recently, and her little brain really couldn't work. She had to ask Greg.

She turned around and looked at Greg. "Why did you bring me here?" Leona had to figure out something because she was afraid that she would make a mistake and misunderstand him.

On the other hand, Greg took a funny look at her and said, "I brought you here. Don't you understand?"

"Maybe I'm too stupid, but I still hope that you can tell me honestly. Don't let me guess, okay?" Leona could not stand his ambiguous attitude during this period of time, she would go crazy.

Noticing her distress, Greg finally decided not to make fun of her. "I've decided to engaged first, and get married after graduation." He said.

His words were like a time bomb, exploding Leona's mind in an instant. Was she hallucinating? Was what she had guessed true? Although she was well prepared, it was still hard for her to accept this sudden fact.

"Are you sure you're not joking?" Leona asked uncertainly.

"Silly woman, how can I make a joke on such a matter? You are my woman now. Do you want to marry another man? " Greg said and pinched h

After Leona received a nod, Leona let go of her hand which was covering Julie's mouth. With a flush on her face, Leona said in a low voice, "Don't talk nonsense. It's not like that!"

Although Leona denied, the coy look on Leona's face had betrayed her. At the sight of that, Julie said in a threatening tone, "Leona, are we good friends? If so, why don't you tell me the truth? Leona did wear a diamond ring on her finger. It was for getting married and no one would just buy for fun. No man would ever give such a thing as a normal gift!

After thinking for a while, Leona decided to tell Julie the truth. It was just that Greg asked her to keep it a secret. Since Julie was her only best friend, she shouldn't hide anything from Julie.

Leona had been alone all the time. On the one hand, she had been busy making money in the past few years. On the other hand, no girls would like to be friends with her, so she cherished her relationship with Julie and didn't want her to be angry about this.

Besides, Leona believed that Julie wouldn't spread it anyway. As long as the engagement party arrived, the media would report it soon. And it was hard to keep it from them.

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