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   Chapter 66 The Engagement Dress

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Leona had to promise that she wouldn't take the initiative to talk to Greg, because she didn't have the right to decide it. It was totally up to Greg. If he asked, she couldn't help it.

But Leona still didn't know that it would end up like this even if she had fallen in love with Greg. Besides, that man belonged to Jasmine, and she shouldn't appear between them.

"Thank you, Leona. I love you, and I'll feel relieved with your promise!" Hearing Leona's words, Leona instantly turned tears into smiles. She held Leona's hand and said intimately.

"I need to work in a restaurant. If you don't have anything else, I'll go first!" Leona left the café hurriedly and headed to the restaurant, absent-minded.

You are no match for me after all. I can always lose men to others, except you. Looking at Leona's back, Jasmine hated her very much.

Since that night, Jasmine had thought a lot, but she didn't dare to question Greg. Jasmine knew very well that he would be pissed off and leave her again.

If Jasmine wanted to separate them, she had to start with Leona. After all, they had known each other for more than ten years. Jasmine knew Leona well. As long as she begged Leona to succeed, she would surely succeed.

And just as Jasmine expected, that bitch already agreed to her request. If Leona dared to do it again, she would teach her a lesson.

Wandering on the road, Leona was agitated by what she just heard. She was not sure whether she was doing the right thing or not. But Leona couldn't refuse that. Besides, it wasn't a love affair.

Greg was his girlfriend. How could she fight for that? Besides, Leona had been with Greg for a long time, and he hadn't come to her for a long time. Maybe he had already had enough of her.

As Leona was walking on the street with uneasiness, she suddenl

s, she said, "Miss Ling, this is the engagement dress specially made by Mr. Wei. He has a good taste. This dress suits you very well!"

what? She was wearing an engagement dress? Looking at the dress mirror in front of her, which revealed her breasts and back, from the front to the knees, and from the back, which was a long dress with lace around, Leona could not believe her ears.

Who wants to be engaged? Was she going to marry Greg? At this moment, Leona felt that everything seemed so unreal to her. Her heart raced uncontrollably. She walked out of the fitting room nervously.

At this moment, Greg was reading a latest fashion magazine. When he heard the footsteps and looked up, his eyes immediately lit up with surprise.

In Leona's eyes, Leona was as pure as a lily, fresh and charming, enchanting and pure. Greg didn't expect her to be so beautiful after dressing up.

In particular, the make-up artist reassured Leona by putting her black hair at the back of her head. She put down a few strands of hair near Leona's ear. Leona was wearing a necklace around her neck, the crystal clear diamond on it and the tiny diamond on her ear. At this moment, Greg even felt her heart beat faster.

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