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   Chapter 65 What Else Do You Want To Explain

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"But what else do you want to explain? I have always treated you as my own sister for so many years, but now you are doing something like this. Why are you doing this? " It seemed that Jasmine was going crazy.

What she had been worried most finally happened. How could Leona do that? Her mother took her father away, and now Leona was going to take her man back. No wonder her mother always hated her.

"I... I'm sorry. It's complicated I had no choice... " Leona explained with a pale face. What she feared most was that Jasmine discovered what had happened between her and Greg, and it still couldn't be resolved.

At this time, Leona's mobile phone rang again. Without any hesitation, Jasmine threw her mobile phone on the ground and broke it into pieces! Then Jasmine turned around and ran out crying

Leona stared blankly at her phone on the floor, tears streaming down her face. Leona didn't want to do this, but it was not up to her. If it was possible, she'd rather never met Greg. But it was impossible.

Frowned, Greg gazed at the phone which was busy again. How dare this woman not answer his phone? It seemed that he had been so nice to her recently that she had forgotten her identity.

When Greg was about to take Leona out angrily, his phone rang. He answered it without even taking a look at the number on the screen, shouting, "Who gives you the nerve to hang up on me?"

"Where are you, Greg? I want to see you so much!" On the other side of the phone, there was a lump in Jasmine's throat. Hearing that, Greg frowned. He had a feeling that Leona not answering his phone must have something to do with Jasmine.

"Well I'm busy with my work in the company. Why don't you take a rest at this late hour? Let's talk about it tomorrow. " Greg spoke a few more words and hung up the phone. H

ice now. I just want you to do me a favor. So many boys liked you from childhood to adulthood, but I had no other boys. I can't lose Greg. If you don't fulfill my wish, I won't live any longer... " Looking at the hesitation in Leona's eyes, she said disappointedly.

"No, you can't do that. It's me who did the wrong thing. Don't take things too hard!" Hearing Jasmine's words, Leona turned pale with fright. She was afraid that if Jasmine did something stupid, she would never forgive herself for the rest of her life.

"But you're the only one that can save me. As long as you agree to leave Greg, I won't die." Looking at the nervous look on Leona's face, Jasmine knew that her plan had succeeded. So Jasmine stared closely at Leona's face and insisted on waiting for her to make a promise.

"Well, fine. I promise you I won't take the initiative to see Greg. Then you can rest assured, right? " Said Leona as she bit her lips. Leona was extremely upset these days because she had a crush on Greg and couldn't see him anymore, so she missed him very much.

However, in the face of the threatening of Jasmine, Leona could not say anything to refuse. It was just that Leona did not have the final say.

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