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   Chapter 64 Who Is She

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From that day on, Leona clearly felt that Greg was not the same person as he used to be. Although the little pig was still so domineering in bed, he had changed a lot except for this thing.

Except that he didn't talk to her in a loud voice, he was very considerate to her. Although he never said any sweet words, Leona could feel his change. Sometimes when Leona didn't want to live in his mansion, Greg would drive himself to her house.

Leona could feel her heart sinking deeper and deeper. When she couldn't see him, she often thought of him. Sometimes when she saw him happy, she would also be happy. Even if he was happy, it was not on his face. But Leona could clearly feel his mood swing.

As time passed by, three or four months had passed. For these months, one of the most successful things that Greg had ever done was to change all of Leona's clothes into his.

To avoid her T-shirt and jeans from hurting herself again, she put a set of dress in her bag and continued to put on the dress he bought as soon as she came back.

If Leona went to school and worked in clothes worth of tens of thousands of dollars every day, there would be gossips about her. Leona's suggestion worked. Her T-shirt and jeans were not destroyed.

That's typical of Greg. Those dresses which valued tens of thousands of dollars were ruined by him as well. But that's not the end of the story. Leona didn't understand why he had bought so many clothes that they were almost ruined by him.

Since Leona was expelled from school and went back to school, rumors that she was a kept girl were spread everywhere. So she chose to keep silent. Actually, she knew what the rumors were about. As far as she was concerned, her relationship with Greg was something like that.

But Leona didn't want that. She never used the gold card that Greg gave her, and she used all her money wh

l, I see!" Leona's hands were covered with sweat, hoping that Jasmine could go back as soon as possible in case she gave herself away.

But Jasmine didn't seem to leave. At that moment, her phone suddenly rang, which scared her to jump up. Leona quickly picked up the phone and said: "Hello!"

"Where are you? I'll pick you up right away! " Leona heard that it was Greg.

"No, I can't. I have something to deal with now I'll call you tomorrow! " With her back to Jasmine, who was sitting on the bed, Leona stammered. Then she hung up the phone quickly, praying in her heart not to be heard by Jasmine.

"Who called at this late hour?" Suddenly, it was Jasmine's voice from behind. Leona was so scared that she dropped her phone on the ground.

Jasmine bent over and picked up the phone. After a while, Leona's phone rang again. When Jasmine saw the number on the screen, she trembled and her face went pale.

She was very familiar with the number on the phone, it was Greg's. All of a sudden, it was clear who that man was.

"Leona, who is this?" Jasmine really hoped that she hadn't seen the phone number on Leona's phone.

"I... Jasmine, listen to me. It's not what you think. Don't misunderstand..." Leona explained in a panic.

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