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   Chapter 63 Visiting Parents In The Cemetery

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On the way to a cemetery, Greg took Leona's hand and came to a tomb. It was a woman smiling at her thirties. She resembled Greg very much, so Leona guessed that she might be Greg's mother.

Greg put the flower in front of the gravestone and bowed three times in front of it, and then said, "Mom, we're here to see you."

Leona looked at Greg beside her and realized that the woman on the tombstone was really his mother.

But why did he bring her here to worship the elders? However, Leona dared not to think about it in that way. It was impossible for him to fall in love with her, let alone take her to meet his parents. She should not be daydreaming.

If it wasn't because Greg forced her, they were destined to be two parallel lines in their lives, which could be neither in wealth nor in all aspects. However, when Leona thought like this, somehow she felt a little jealous.

Then, Leona also bowed three times and said, "Nice to meet you, auntie. My name is Leona!"

Greg didn't even bother to look sideways at the woman who was smiling kindly at him in front of the gravestone. Hatred was written all over Greg's heart. His mother was less than thirty years old when she died. She was still so young.

If his father didn't have an affair, how could his mother leave him so early? It was all because of that bitch that he got this result. He would never forgive her.

Today, he took the daughter of the bitch to the cemetery to worship his mother. He wanted his mother to witness how he had revenged her. He wanted to let the bitch and her daughter step into the abyss.

Just as Leona was restless, she suddenly found that Greg pulled her hand and a red flannel box appeared in his hand.


it for her to finish her words and continued to kiss her tender lips. At the same time, Greg opened the lotus head beside her and the warm water splashed over them instantly.

Leona's coat was gone, but Greg was still wearing the business suit which she saw yesterday. The warm water wet his expensive Armani suit, but he didn't seem to care about it at all.

"Your clothes are wet. You'll catch a cold. Go out and get changed!" Leona tried hard to get rid of his mouth, took a deep breath and said quickly.

It was the first time that Greg had been so obedient. He took off his suit jacket several times and then stood in front of Leona, completely naked. He embraced her and kissed her again.

Oh, my God. I didn't mean that, did I? She just wanted him to go out, but this guy knew her so well!

As the kiss was getting deeper, Leona felt dizzy and wrapped her arms around Greg's neck, or she would fall to the ground.

But Leona didn't know when she appeared in the huge bed of Greg. The thick curtains couldn't cover the love aura in the room.

As if she had forgotten everything, Leona felt as if she were flying in the sky

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