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   Chapter 62 A Different Greg

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When Greg was away, Leona felt like a free bird that was free. She felt everything went back to the starting point, from school to school, from work to home.

Recently, the leader of the bar gave special care to Leona, and Leona had doubled the salary. Hearing that, Leona was very grateful. Leona had to make money as soon as possible so that she could pay back the debt to Greg as soon as possible. After that, she didn't have to listen to his call anymore.

Although Greg said that she didn't need to pay that money back as long as she could stay with him for a month. Leona was still stubborn and did not want to owe him anything, or Leona would look down upon herself.

The money Leona had right now was enough for her to rent a small house, so she could leave the Ling family and become herself. These two days, Leona was always inquiring about if there was any cheap house near the school, so she was very busy.

That day, after Leona left Greg's house, Lina told her that Greg said she could live in the villa and that a driver would pick her up to and from school. But Leona refused. Even there was good, it did not belong to herself.

Besides, Greg said that his interest in women wouldn't last more than a month, and now it was about the time. As long as he let her go, she would still be the same.

But could she still be the same as before? Only Leona knew it in her heart. But no matter what, she had to face the future. She wanted to be a indomitable fighter.

In the evening, when Leona was about to go home after work from the bar, her phone suddenly rang. And it was from nobody but Greg.

Leona frowned as she hadn't seen her Greg for more than half a month. It was easy, but Leona had an inexplicable void in her heart, which she wasn't willing to face.

But every time she was with Greg, he just wanted to do it. That upset her again. Then Leona smiled bitterly. She was just his toy to kill time. How could she expect him to

ast night and now he was not the same person as he used to be. He didn't move at all.

Greg put his arm around Leona's shoulder. Leona could even feel the coldness from his big hand. She thought to herself, 'Greg must have been hard all night in this way?

Leona struggled to sit up and wanted to say something. Suddenly, Greg also stood up. Before Leona said anything, Greg directly got on the car and sat on the driver's seat.

Leona followed him immediately. When she was seated, the car galloped like an arrow from the bow.

On the way, Leona wanted to say something for several times, but when she saw the cold and stiff profile of Greg beside, she closed her mouth again. The cold aura from him made her know that it was better not to provoke him!

Half an hour later, the car sped all the way and finally arrived at the cemetery in the suburb. Greg got out of the car directly and opened the back door.

At this moment, Leona saw a large bouquet of chrysanthemums in the back seat of the car. She wondered who he was going to worship? And why did he bring her here?

Just as Leona was suspicious of this, the car door on one side was opened. It was a bunch of chrysanthemums in one of Greg's hands, and his other hand directly pulled her out of the car and walked towards the cemetery.

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