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   Chapter 61 I Am Willing To Accept The Punishment

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Looking at the angry Greg, Leona didn't dare to say a word. She knew that he would get angry no matter what she said at this moment, so she'd better keep silent! Leona lowered her head and listened to Greg.

Looking at her tepid face, Greg was even angrier. He grabbed her cheek and looked at her with deep eyes. "I asked you who beat you like this. I never repeat my words. You should know the consequence of lying to me! "

Leona's face was already swollen, and now she was pinched even more painful by Greg. Her tears were around her eyes, and she cried, "please don't ask me any more, okay? I'm willing to accept your punishment! "

Leona didn't want others to know her situation at the Ling family, because that would make her feel more humble. Besides, Jonson had warned her that she was not allowed to tell anyone about her family. He couldn't be ashamed by her.

Although Leona didn't have any feelings for Jonson, he gave her a life after all. Leona was satisfied that Jonson didn't throw her away during these years, at least she didn't lose her life.

Greg looked at Leona who was about to cry and tried to calm himself down. He was the only one in this world who could bully her and never let others think about it. Even if Leona didn't tell him, he would still find it out by his means!

"Since you are willing to accept the punishment, then let it be!" As Greg spoke, he ripped off her tie with a terrifying smile, and then pinned himself on top of Leona.

Wayne stood outside the living room, hesitating whether he should go in and tell the CEO that it was time to board the plane. Right then, the well-dressed Greg came out and told Wayne something before he went to the airport.

In the bedroom, Leona had already fallen asleep. The dark circles under her eyes showed that she hadn't had a good rest these days.

These days, Greg was constantly harassing her, especially in the recent days. Besides, Leona couldn't afford it at all. She had to work in a restaurant and a bar at heavy homework. Wha

be filled with underwear. Her face darkened. What were they! The underpants were as thin as cicada's wings and every piece of them was transparent. What's the difference between wearing nothing and this?

Leona turned to Lina and asked with shyness, "Is there any conservative one?"

Looking at her uneasy appearance, Lina showed an understanding smile and said, "No, I don't think it's a good idea. Mr. Wei specially picked these for you. Mr. Wei had told her that all the clothes and shoes could be changed into other styles except this one! In fact, these clothes look good on you. I'm sure Mr. Wei will like them!"

Hearing Lina's words, Leona's face turned as red as a ripe shrimp. She was so embarrassed that she wished to find a hole to hide herself. She randomly picked a black, more conservative one and rushed into the bathroom!

When Leona wore it, she appeared in front of Lina. Lina immediately smiled with satisfaction and sincerely said, "Miss Ling is so beautiful. No wonder Mr. Wei treats you so well!"

"You can just call me Leona!" Said Leona ironically. She was not used to being called miss.

"Okay, okay. The dishes are getting cold. You should go to eat now! Mr. Wei asked the driver to send you to school after breakfast! " Lina was busy preparing everything. She really liked Miss Ling who was not arrogant at all.

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