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   Chapter 60 Who Hit You

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The next morning, when Leona arrived at the school, she kept her head down and there was a trace of bruise on her lips. It was left by Cynthia last night.

At noon, Julie came to the canteen to have lunch together with Leona. When Julie saw clearly that there was an obvious plump face on Leona's left and that bluish face, Julie screamed, "Oh, my God! What's wrong with your face? Who did this to you? "

Hearing this, Leona looked around uneasily with a finger in her mouth, motioning for Julie to be quiet, and said, "hush, keep it down. It was an accident."

"Did that man hit you?" Julie lowered her voice and looked at Leona confusedly. Julie must have thought that the man who kept Leona hit Leona. But in her heart, Julie was glad that she didn't meet a man with propensity for violence because of the scars on Leona's face. It seemed that rich man's money was not that easy to spend.

"No. Don't ask any more questions. Just forget it!" Leona didn't want to talk about it, the situation at her home was too complicated, and even if she told Julie, it would not solve the problem.

When they were having lunch, Leona's cell phone suddenly rang. It was an unfamiliar ringtone, which made Leona forget the phone that Greg bought her.

It was not until Julie reminded Leona that her phone was ringing that she realized it was her. The moment Leona picked up the phone, she heard a roar from Greg, which almost broke her eardrum. "Leona, what took you so long to answer the phone?" he asked.

"I, I just heard that!" Leona put the phone aside and whispered.

"Come to my home now!" The bossy voice was heard again and hung up the phone before Leona could answer.

Leona looked at her phone with a frown. 'Didn't he know it's at noon?' Was his company going bankrupt? Why didn't he go to work in the daytime?

But on the other hand, Leona didn't want to go, because she had to go to school on her own. She tur

bruises all over her body, he shouted again, "tell me, who did this?"

He didn't know why he suddenly became so angry. When he saw that, without saying a word, glaring at Leona, he wanted to kill somebody.

"Don't do this. There are so many people here." As soon as Leona finished her words, the people standing in the hall all left at once, including Wayne. And there were only her and Greg left in this big living room!

However, Leona did not want to tell Greg the truth. She just hemmed and hawed and looked around. Her refusal to tell the truth annoyed Greg very much. He called a family doctor to check on Leona's wound.

After the examination, the doctor applied some ointment to her face, and told her that she would be all right after two days of rest.

Leona looked at the empty bedroom. Greg came in from the outside. With a malicious look on his face, he asked, "tell me the truth. How did you get injured? And why is your phone turned off? "

"The phone is powered off..." But Leona didn't expect that Greg still remembered it.

Greg took out her phone and switched it on, but her phone was still full of charge. Greg threw the phone on the bed in front of her and said, "Is this what you said 'power off? You should have a more reliable reason for lying!"

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