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   Chapter 59 Leona Would Owe Her

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Standing in the headmaster's office and looking at the headmaster's disgusting face, Leona felt so sorry for him. As the head of the school, he was the leader of all the teachers and professors. Although Leona didn't hope that he wouldn't give up easily, he didn't need to show it in public.

She had learned from Greg that Greg had invested ten million in the teaching building and became one of the major shareholders of the school in an instant. As a major shareholder, it would be a piece of cake to get Leona back to study in the University.

The headmaster grinned at Leona and said, "Mr. Ling, we have found out that there was a misunderstanding between us. Now please go back to school. I hope you won't have any mental pressure. We have expelled the classmate who framed you! "

Hearing that, Leona nodded. She knew that, but in an instant, she remembered the thing that Julie had asked her to do. Leona said sincerely, "Since the misunderstanding has been cleared up, I hope that you won't expel Julie any more. She was just in a daze. Please give her a chance!"

"Haha, I didn't expect you to be so sensible. You not only doesn't hate Julie, but also repays Julie with kindness. But it's not a good idea. You should remember it for one time to take effect. Next time, she must be expelled. "The principal readily agreed.

As the principal, he knew that some female students in the school had a dissolute life. However, it was none of his business, as long as he tried his best to get more sponsorship for the school.

He had heard some rumors about Leona before. It seemed that the manager of Wei International Trade Company had a special relationship with this girl. He would try his best to win her over, which would indirectly curry favor with the Wei Company, and the school would have a bright future soon.

When Leona walked out of the headmaster's office, she saw Julie waiting outside with an a

a's quarrel with Jonson tonight that Jonson ran away from home. That's why Cynthia came to Leona for anger.

"Do you think you can fool me? She could tell it was the latest style from the first sight. How could there be any on the street stall? Don't quibble. It must be given by the man you slept last night. But thinking about your mother, no wonder you are so shameless. You stayed out late at such a young age. It's an inheritance! Let me tell you, no one cares about you even if you will never come back, but you can't discredit this family. Don't be so shameless. We won't accept you if you get pregnant one day. You are not welcomed in this family! " Meanwhile, Cynthia continued to punch on Leona's body with her hands.

Half an hour later, Cynthia finally felt tired. She glared at Leona ferociously and left with her three inch high heels.

Sitting on the ground, Leona was exhausted, with no tears in her big eyes. She had known for so many years that tears could not solve any problems. They could only make those who bullied her happier!

The stars were twinkling in the sky. Leona had been in the second half of her sophomore year in college. As long as she found a stable job after graduation, she would immediately leave here and never come back home again.

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