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   Chapter 58 What Did Julie Do

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Instead of getting out of the car, Greg made a phone call and then ask Leona to get out, and then he drove away. Many students had seen the car before the school gate. Now that he had got what he wanted, there was no need to stay here any longer.

What's more, he didn't want to expose his identity now. There were a lot of box news about him almost every day in C City. Although he didn't care about these, it was not the right time to expose Leona to the media.

Walking in the middle of the campus, Leona was pointed and talked about by those students behind her. She should have known about it, shouldn't she? 'For the sake of your bright future, it's not a big deal to suffer now, ' she told herself!

They could do whatever they liked. Leona wanted to be a tough fighter! Thinking of this, Leona felt full of fighting spirit and walked ahead with her head held high.

Just as she took a few steps forward, a girl in high-end fashion suddenly ran up to her in a hurry. She looked at her and asked, "Leona, could you come over? I have something to tell you!" As soon as she finished saying that, the girl grasped Leona's wrist and walked fast towards the grass aside.

Leona was taken aback by the girl all of a sudden. The girl looked a little familiar, but she couldn't remember where she had seen her. When they finally came to the grass, she asked, "who are you? What's up? "

It was Samuel's ex-girlfriend who took Leona here. The reason why Julie was ex-girlfriend was that Samuel had dumped her yesterday.

At this time, looking at Leona, Julie had to admit that Leona was very beautiful, especially her big eyes with a pure light, which made people unconsciously fall into them.

Julie hated Leona very much. If it weren't for her, Samuel wouldn't have dumped her. But now, she had to turn to Leona for help. Today, the headmaster suddenly found her, saying that someone had known it was her that framed Leona an

Leona's question rendered Julie speechless, but she was still trying to make sure that she would not make the same mistake again.

What a ridiculous reason? Her relationship with Samuel? Leona was puzzled by Julie's words. She said between laughing and crying, "Why do you think that I have something to do with Samuel? He's one of York's best friends. There's no way we'll be together. You really misunderstood! "

"Yes, yes. I know I have misunderstood you. It's all my fault. I just cared too much about him. Now I just hope that you can have a good talk with the headmaster. Please don't expel me. In that case, I can't find a good job as a high school student. And my whole life will be over... "Uttered Julie Tears welled up in Julie's eyes.

Although Leona was very angry about what she had done, she also felt a pain in her heart when she heard the latter part of Julie's words. Right, what about their future if they couldn't graduate?

At the moment, Leona's heart softened and she turned to comfort Julie, "don't worry. I know how you feel. I will talk to the principal about it. But I can't guarantee that I will succeed. So I have to try. Don't cry! "

"Really? Thank you so much! I'll wait for your good news! " Hearing what Leona said, Julie smiled through tears!

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