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   Chapter 57 Go Back To School

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Although Leona was unwilling to do that, she still put on the clothes prepared by Greg. Because he had torn up her T-shirt and jeans. Did he tend to be violent? Since she was with him, he had torn 5 to 6 of her clothes. If it went on like this, she would lost a large fortune!

When Leona appeared downstairs in the dress prepared by Greg, even Wayne's eyes lit up.

The girl in front of him had black hair hanging behind her. She was wearing a pink dress, and the neckline and cuffs were decorated with lace, which showed how lovely she was. The well fitting dress set off her slim waist, and the white high-heeled shoes made her young and beautiful. She was a totally different girl from the girl in the T-shirt and jeans.

It was obvious that Greg didn't expect the woman who wore a T-shirt and jeans to be so beautiful. When he saw Wayne staring at her, he coughed and didn't like the way other men looked at his woman.

After getting a hint from the boss, Wayne instantly looked away. He cursed himself for staring at Greg' woman all the time. If Greg got angry, he might lose his job.

Restless, Leona stood at the stairway. She was used to wearing cheap clothes, but she didn't know where to put her hands and feet when she wore such a high-end suit. It was hard to tell from Greg's eyes that he was plotting something?

"What are you waiting for? It's too late. I don't have time to wait for you! " Greg finally looked away and ordered Leona to eat.

How could Leona be in the mood to eat at this time? But she had to look for the farthest edge from him when she saw Greg's threatening eyes. Before Leona sit down, so Greg said in an angry voice, "why do you sit so far? Come and sit next to me! "

Leona was shocked by his words, but she dared not disobey his order. This fellow had always been very uncertain, so she'd better not provoke him. She sat at the table and ate breakfast silently.


ve away those men who had a crush on her. Leona could only belong to him. No matter he wanted her or not, even if he was bored with her one day, he would not allow other men to be with her.

Hearing this, Leona was speechless. Now she could only go back to school with the support of Greg, so she dared not offend him.

When the luxury limousine arrived at the school gate, it attracted a lot of attention naturally. Although most of the people coming to and going to school here were from rich families and they could drive a nice car to school.

Many boys and girls looked at this luxury extended limousine one after another. When they saw it was Leona coming out, they cast a disdainful look.

"Isn't that Leona? She was expelled from school yesterday. How dare she come here today? I heard that she not only hooked up with York, but also had an affair with Samuel. Now it seems that she still has other men. I don't understand why these men take a fancy to her."

"Look at that cottage and the Chanel dress she is wearing. She is worth sixty or seventy thousand. If she hadn't been kept as a mistress, how could she afford so expensive clothes? " People's discussion came to Leona's ears. She lowered her head and smiled bitterly. She had expected this situation!

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