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   Chapter 56 I Didn't Pass Out This Time

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Updated: 2020-02-03 00:22

When the first ray of sunshine in the morning shone on Leona's face, Leona opened her eyes and looked around, only to find something completely unfamiliar. As she moved her body slightly, she sensed a warm body next to her.

Leona covered her head with both hands and cried in pain, "it hurts!"

Glancing at the bright sun outside, she patted hard on her forehead, 'Oh, no, I'm going to be late for school again.' Ever since she met Greg, being late had become a routine.

As soon as Leona lifted the quilt from her body, she felt as if she had been run over by a truck. There were black and blue marks on her body, which were left by Greg. Enduring the great pain, Leona tried to get out of the bed. However, when her feet touched the ground, she almost fell down on the ground because of her weakness.

Just when she regretted drinking too much yesterday, a strong arm took her back from the bed and pressed her into his arms. A deep voice came through, "why do you get up so early? Have some more sleep!"

Suddenly, Leona almost screamed out of fear. After she calmed down, she remembered that she had stayed at Greg's house last night.

Leona was frightened, but she still struggled to get out of Greg's arms and anxiously said, "Don't make trouble. Let go of me. I am going to be late!"

"Weren't you expelled from school? Why are you afraid of being late? " On the other side, Greg was sober too. A pair of arms locked Leona body and buried his head in her shoulder. Leona heard a muffled voice coming from the side of her neck.

Hearing what he said, Leona was stiff. Yeah, she was expelled from school yesterday, otherwise she would not have been brought here by him. After hearing his words, Leona kept silent and didn't try to struggle any more. She just stared at the ceiling, thinking about something!

Greg removed his head from her neck and looked at her sad face, a

Standing in the bathroom, hearing Greg's arrogant laughter, Leona was also surprised. She thought he couldn't laugh at all. However, when Leona finally finished, she began to regret not bringing her clothes in.

Although she had met Greg several times, she still felt embarrassed to see him in this way. Leona pressed her ear against the door and listened. After a long while, she finally made sure that Greg wasn't in the room. Then she opened the bathroom door lightly.

However, as soon as Leona poked her head out, she suddenly saw the face of Greg. She was frightened and screamed, "ah..." Leona instinctively wanted to close the door again.

But apparently, Greg was faster than she was. He griped the door frame open with one hand and said with an evil smile, "what's there to hide? I've seen every part of it. Isn't it too late to hide it now! I'll give you five minutes to get dressed before going downstairs. My time is precious. Don't go to school if it's too late!" Then he walked out without looking back.

Looking at the expensive box on the table which was filled with the high-end foreign dress that Greg prepared for her, Leona really didn't want to wear the dress that he gave her, because it would make her feel that she was cheap.

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