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   Chapter 55 A Conflict Finally Exposed His True Self

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As Leona put the glass in Greg's hand, she thought angrily, "Drink it and drink to death, because you always bully me!"

However, Greg didn't take the glass, but took it in Leona's hand and put it on her mouth, saying, "feed me with your mouth!"

"What? It's disgusting. I won't do that! " Leona did not expect that Greg would make such a rogue request, so she immediately refused in anger. The thought of feeding him with her mouth made her flesh creep.

"sick? You have kissed me for so many times. Why don't you feel sick? You are such a woman with two faces. No, you have to feed me with your mouth. Hurry up, my patience is limited!" Hearing that Leona thought he was gross, Greg flew into a rage. He had a problem with him today, and he wouldn't stop until he got what he wanted!

"Anyway, I won't feed you in that way!" Hearing his words, Leona got angry. She turned around and ignored him. 'This guy has gone too far!' she thought!

On hearing that, Greg smiled. He contained Leona's white and tender earlobes with his mouth and said, "Don't regret it. After all, I can make you go to school again at any time. If you don't listen to me, you will never be able to go to school for the rest of your life. Believe it or not, no school in C City will admit you!"

Hearing that, Leona was stiff as she knew that Greg was not talking big. Although Leona didn't know how powerful Greg was, she had read it on a magazine she had read before.

Leona was not willing to, but she had to try her best to do it. If she wanted to continue her study, she had to ask for help from Greg, which was the only help that she could get. In fact, if her father, Jonson, was willing to help her, she should still be able to go back to continue her study. At least, Jonson could arrange her to another university.

But Leona knew that was impossible. If this happened to Jasmine, Jonson would do something. Bu

to feed him, but took a sip of the wine directly, pulled her head over and kissed her tender lips again.

Leona had drunk a few glasses of wine; on the contrary, she was quite enjoying it.

Her body was so weak that she was lying on Greg's body. Now she only felt the sky and the earth spinning, so it was impossible for her to stand up. Although she worked in the bar all the time, she never drank.

And this kind of red wine was like juice, which made her unconsciously drink a lot. She gently leaned her head on the shoulder of Greg, and the scene in front of her was blurred.

Leona shrugged as she felt hot. She shrugged her shoulders***

***But she didn't shrug anymore. Immersed in her own thoughts, Leona pushed Greg away. However, an angry voice burst out from Greg next to her. Leona felt the sky and earth whirl around in an instant, and the thing in front of her fell back quickly.

Leona smelled like a piece of soft jade, and that was the only aroma she had from her body. Suddenly, Leona's hand touched something that she shouldn't have touched, which deprived Greg of his self-control in an instant.

"You finally revealed your true self!" As Greg said, he took Leona in his arms and walked towards the master bedroom on the second floor.

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