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   Chapter 54 Feed Me

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Sally wanted to tantalize her, so she put another slice of beef into her mouth and chewed it slowly, ignoring her eager face.

Seeing him so calm, Leona got more anxious. He would never know how important school was to her and that meant she could fly freely in the future.

Leona was sure that it was not her illusion just now. She indeed heard him say that she could go to school, but how did he know that she had been counseled out of school?

Leona thought carefully for a long time, but still couldn't figure out, so she just stopped thinking about it. She didn't care how he knew it. The most important thing was the result. As long as she could go back to school, everything would be fine.

Thinking of this, Leona raised her voice and asked, "did you just say that I can go back to school?" Leona looked at Greg expectantly as she believed as long as he was willing to help her, it would be a piece of cake for her to go to school again.

But unexpectedly, Greg still didn't answer her question. He just pointed at the mountain-like food in front of her and said, "Eat it first. Don't talk during the meal!"

Hearing his words, Leona was speechless with rage. He was the one who had been talking to her all the time. But now he was blaming her. Leona really had a bad temper. She pushed the food forward and said angrily, "I won't eat if you don't tell me!"

Greg raised her eyebrows and thought, 'That stupid woman actually learned to threaten me. But it doesn't work on me."

Soon, Greg pushed the plate forward and said smilingly, "now that you're full, let's go upstairs to do some exercise."

Leona did not expect that this scoundrel could say such words. They had done it four or five times after they met at noon. Was he born in a pig?

But when Leona saw his deep eyes again, she immediately knew that he was not jo


Hearing that, Leona bit her lower lip hard. This pig was not the same as before. He still liked to threaten her and she thought he had changed his characteristics!

Leona knew she was no match for him. In order to go back to school, she could do anything. Then she slowly walked towards Greg. It was just a few steps, but she had walked for half a minute.

After looking around secretly to make sure that no servant was watching, Leona sat on his legs, lowered her head and said, "can you tell me now?"

Her heart was beating fast. On one hand, she wanted to get the news of school. On the other hand, she was too close to him. He gave off a strong smell of Cologne, which added to his dangerous aura. Leona felt like on pins and needles. She couldn't wait to get an answer from him so that she could leave as soon as possible.

"Feed me!" But Greg didn't want to let it go. He leaned her head close to her ear and whispered in a low voice. The warm breath blew over her ear, which made Leona flesh creep again.

"What?" Leona was frightened by his words, then she remembered what he had said. She immediately took half a glass of red wine on the table and placed it in his hand, and said angrily, "drink it!"

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