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   Chapter 52 Never Felt Like That Before

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Having waited for a long time without hearing any response from Leona, Greg looked down at the girl who was actually asleep, and all the tenderness on her face disappeared in an instant. If someone saw it, he would think that the two Leona were not the same person.

The car had arrived at marriageable hotel. "Go to the villa," said Greg to Wayne.

Although Wayne Zhang was surprised, he didn't show it on his face. As the Secretary and personal assistant of Mr. Wei, he knew that Mr. Wei always took a woman to that upscale hotel, because that's one of his properties. He wouldn't be afraid of the news even if he went there.

As a neat freak, she had never brought a woman back to her own villa. It seemed that the boss had a crush on her.

The car steadily drove into a luxury villa in the rich area. The firmly built buildings showed absolute luxury, with white roof and green grass.

They walked into the villa, where the decoration inside was more luxurious than the outside. Taking the asleep Leona out of the car, Greg told Wayne who was standing behind him, "Find out what happened to her in the school."

Wayne took the order and walked away. On Greg's way inside, he met the shocked and confused gazes from the servants on the second floor. Then, he carried Leona into the main bedroom on the second floor and gently put her on the

that he was a serious man with few words and smiles.

It was the first time that Leona looked at his face carefully in such a close distance. He looked softer than usual when he was asleep.

Although they had had an abnormal relationship with him, Leona had never woken up in his arms, nor had she watched his face carefully.

"Do you like it?" Just then, Leona heard Greg's chuckle over her head. Greg saw Leona was not sleeping and peeping at him.

"Oh, you, you wake up!" Only then did Leona find out the fact that he had woken up. Immediately, she blushed and lowered her head, not daring to look at his face. It was quite embarrassing to peep at a man and was caught on the spot.

"Now that you are awake, let's have dinner. I have already asked Lina to prepare food for you. Let's go downstairs to have dinner together!" Greg sat up, which made Leona's face blush and her heart race.

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