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   Chapter 51 Was He Out Of His Mind

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"No, no, No. Let's go to the hotel. I... I'm not used to staying here..." But before Leona could finish her words, her face had turned as red as a ripe apple, which made Greg want to say something more.

"You offered to go to the hotel this time. Do not say that I forced you!" Greg was in a good mood all of a sudden.

Hearing that, Leona's face flushed because of what she said. And kept her head down, Leona didn't want Greg to see her blush again.

Looking at the black hair on Leona's head, Greg suddenly came up with a great idea that he not only needed to own her body, but also her heart.

Greg would be more interested to see her heartbroken face when she knew the truth.

A scornful smile curled up the corners of Greg's mouth, but Leona didn't notice it. Greg gently wrapped his arms around Leona's shoulder and put her head on his shoulder.

"What happened today? Why are you crying? " It was a gentle voice calling from her head. Leona thought she had an auditory hallucination that Greg would sound so gentle.

As soon as Leona heard that, she raised her head suddenly and looked at him. She wanted to make sure if it was just an illusion, because as far as she could recall, this man had always been cold and heartless, even when he was with Jasmine.

Although Leona didn't know how Greg behaved when he was with Jasmine, she could still feel it. Leona remembered that the first time he saw this man. It was exactly the time Greg was kissing Jasmine.

At that time, Greg's face was still cold, as if he was not picking up her girlfriend. He didn't care it at all. His hands were even put in the suit pants, and didn't even hold Jasmine.

"What Are you sure you were talking to me just now?" Leona looked up at Greg cautiously and asked. She was afra

e what happened. Why do you cry alone here? Shouldn't you be attending classes at this time of the day? " Said Greg, holding her in his arms again with his chin on her head.

Of course Greg knew that Leona must be very confused now, and she couldn't accept his change at this moment. But it didn't matter. He would let her fall in love with him slowly and let her know what it felt like to be in heaven.

Greg was thrilled when he imagined how Leona would feel when she fell from heaven to hell. 'Bess, I will make you suffer more than you did to me, ' Greg thought.

Greg was overjoyed at the thought of his plan. He couldn't wait to see how wonderful it would be when Bess saw her daughter suffer so much.

Lying on his broad shoulder passively, Leona felt like a harbor finally rested, a sense of security emerging in her heart.

Leona had never had such feelings before, even when she was with York. York could always be sunny and she always felt calm when staying with him.

On the other hand, Greg was a little uncertain about it, but at the same time, she was attracted by it.

But so what? She just needed a shoulder like this to lean on, just for a little while.

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