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   Chapter 50 Then You Can Sue Me

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"Bitch, how dare you not answer my phone? Have you forgotten your identity?" Greg grabbed Leona's slender arm and turned her around to face himself.

But when he saw that Leona's face was covered with tears and her eyes were totally blank. Greg felt like his heart hit something. How could she be like this? What is going on?

When Leona was in a daze, she suddenly saw the face of Greg. She forced a smile. Why was Greg here? She just couldn't escape from him anywhere.

"Why do I always see your hateful face? Can't you just disappear for a while and let me be quiet? I'm so unlucky. Stay away from me! " As if Leona didn't mind it at all, she just shook her head and pushed Greg forward.

When Leona touched Greg thick chest, she felt his warm body and his strong heartbeat. Hearing that, Leona opened her eyes wide in surprise. She could not believe that it was not her illusion.

"Why... Why are you here?" Leona finally found that it wasn't an illusion. It was the real Greg that stood in front of her, and she immediately sobered up.

Greg frowned as he could tell from Leona's pallid face that she had actually been suffering from a hallucination.

But what Leona said before made Greg angrier. What did she mean by saying that wherever she went, she could always see his annoying face.

Greg had felt pity for Leona as she had been in a trance like state just now. But at the thought of this, Greg got very angry again.

Greg gripped Leona's slender wrist and said in a low voice, "do you hate me? Don't forget your identity. You are with this annoying person every day. Since you are a bitch, don't pretend to be holy maiden. You don't deserv

ngth. She was very frustrated when she was expelled from the school because of Greg's mischief.

At this moment, Leona was frightened by her own ideas. She didn't want to do that, so she immediately tried to beg for Greg's mercy, "Can you get up first? There are still people watching us. Aren't you afraid that your subordinates will laugh at you?"

"Don't worry. They won't see anything!" Hearing that Leona asked for mercy, Greg's pride was satisfied, and his anger disappeared in an instant.

"How can they not see? They are not blind..." Before Leona could finish her words, a device rose in front of her, blocking the driver and Wayne. They couldn't see clearly what happened here.

Leona couldn't believe that Greg installed such a device in his car. Did he install the device just for the sake of her?

Seeming to see through Leona's mind, Greg immediately bit her tender lips and said, "Silly woman, don't be silly. This is a car with a strange structure that can not only block your vision but also have a better sound insulation. Do you want to try?" And Greg deliberately put on a smile.

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