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   Chapter 49 Drop Out Of School

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Hearing that, Leona's heart skipped a beat. She could even hear her own heart beat very fast. There was only one thought in her mind: she couldn't let her sister know what happened between her and Greg.

At that moment, Leona loosened Jasmine's grip, turned around and tried to calm down while pouring water for Jasmine. Leona pretended to be surprised and asked, "How could it be? Why did brother-in-law come to my school? Maybe someone made a mistake."

Hearing that Leona called Greg brother-in-law, though Jasmine had never admitted that she had a sister, she was still pleased.

Jasmine didn't notice the quivering voice of Leona. She took the water from Leona's hand, put it aside and said, "Maybe I was wrong. After all, the pictures in the magazine were not very clear. It was only said that it was likely to be the CEO of the Wei International Trade Company!"

After Leona saw her sister leave, she collapsed on the chair as if all her strength had been drained. She felt lucky that her sister hadn't noticed anything wrong with her, otherwise she really didn't know how to face her sister's heartbroken eyes.

Luckily, the first Monday came, and Leona also got a chance to attend the school. However, when she entered the school, she felt that someone was pointing at her behind. When Leona turned around, the man looked away, pretending not to talk about her.

Since all her classmates had talked about her like that, even though she was an insensitive woman, Leona knew that she must have become the topic of their conversation again.

However, York had already gone abroad. She didn't know what else could make her become the focus of her classmates again?

However, as soon as she turned around, the voice of discussion behind her came again, "That's Leona. She seduced York before, and now York just went abroad, and she seduced Samuel. I can't see that she has these advantages!"

"The latest news on that Friday, apart from Samuel

Leona didn't notice the ringing of her phone. All she was thinking about now was that she had been expelled from school and nothing else could attract her attention.

Greg parked the car behind Leona, and his secretary, Wayne, saw Leona as well. Wayne hesitated and said, "Boss, the CEO of the Shengfeng Group is waiting for us..."

"I'm busy today. Call him to meet another day!" Greg said and got off the car.

"But boss, that's a contract worth tens of millions of dollars!" Wayne shouted nervously behind Greg. The CEO never left his work behind for any reason before, and he came to the company as early as possible and left at the latest every day.

But ever since he met this Leona, he always came late and left early. As the CEO's secretary and assistant, Wayne naturally knew why the CEO was always late. Every time, it was the CEO who sent clothes to Miss Ling. It seemed that the CEO was very special to this Miss Ling.

"Are you the CEO or I am the CEO?" Greg looked at Wayne coldly.

Wayne was startled. He closed his mouth and called the manager of Shengfeng Group, "Hello, Mr. Zhang, I'm so sorry..."

Greg continued to stride toward Leona. When he stood behind her, he clearly heard her phone ringing from her pocket, but she didn't seem to hear it at all. Greg frowned again.

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