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   Chapter 48 Doubt

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In the dream, though sad, Jasmine said sadly, "If it's true, but Greg is my boyfriend, and we're going to get engaged soon. You're my sister, how can you betray me and be with him?"

"No, no, No. Jasmine, don't get me wrong. I really didn't..." Leona couldn't help but shake her head and shout.

When she woke up the next day, it was already noon. Only then did she realize that she hadn't eaten anything the whole day.

Leona walked into the bathroom with her tired body and looked at herself in the mirror. She found that she was black and blue all over her body.

Leona opened the shower head and rubbed her body violently, trying to wash away all the marks he had left on her body. But she knew that she was just deceiving herself. Some marks would never be erased once they were branded.

After an hour, Leona finally felt energetic. When she walked out of the bathroom, she saw a bag of clothes lying on the bed. She knew that it was the one that Greg asked another man to put here.

The T-shirt that Leona wore last time had been pricked by Greg, and it had become rags, so she could only take out the high-grade dress from the box and pretend to wear it.

Next to the box, there was the matched shoes. Leona had to say that, although this sand boar was very annoying and made her want to bite him to death, he was very thoughtful.

After dressing up, Leona was about to leave when she caught a glimpse of the remaining contraceptive pills she had taken last time. Leona secretly scolded herself for being so careless that she almost forgot such an important thing. She didn't want to be pregnant with Greg's child.

After Leona took the pills, she was about to walk out of the room when a knock on the door came from outside. At that moment, a familiar voice said, "Miss Ling, are you up? I'm Wayne. The boss asked me to bring you something."

But Leona didn't like Wayne. It had nothing to do with him. She didn't like any man or anything related to Greg.

Wayne was Greg

ld see in her room was her sister. That would make herself feel so ashamed, being a bad woman spoken by others.

In particular, the dress Leona was wearing was not what Leona wanted. She was flustered and dared not look at Jasmine. Leona blurted out, "That, that dress was borrowed by one of my classmates. It was her birthday yesterday. I, I borrowed it because my clothes was stained!"

Jasmine didn't believe what Leona said at all. Since childhood, if Leona lied to others, she would keep her head down and clutched her clothes tightly with her hands. Jasmine had known that from Leona's expression.

However, this was not her concern. Jasmine held Leona's hand and said affectionately, "don't borrow clothes from your classmate. The dress is very expensive. I've seen it on the magazine. I think there should be at least sixty one thousand. If you need clothes in the future, just tell me!"

Hearing the price of the dress, Leona was shocked and Jasmine soon realized that her guess was right.

It was not Leona's classmate's clothes at all, so it must be a man who bought it for her. She wondered which man was so rich to spend so much money on her.

Though Jasmine's eyes sparkled with anger, she said gently, "the newspaper said that Greg went to your school yesterday. I just wanted to ask you if you saw him."

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