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   Chapter 46 Who Is That Man

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Leona only ran out crying and did not see the car clearly. When she found the car was coming close, it was too late to hide.

"What?" Leona was scared to close her eyes, thinking that everything was over.

However, the imaginary pain did not come. Before Leona opened her eyes, she felt her arm grabbed by a big hand like an iron clamp. A man roared over her head, "stupid woman, you are crazy!"

Before Leona could react, she was forcefully dragged aside by a huge force, and then was shoved into a carriage aside.

For an instant, Leona felt herself fall down. Before she could sit down, a roar came from above her head, "who is that man?"

Sitting next to Greg, Leona looked at him in bewilderment. She saw that Greg had carved an angry face with a chiseled face as if it had been carved by knife or an axe. And now, Greg's face was as cold as ice, and it was a powerful aura that could make Leona scared from the heart.

"Wha... Which man?" Asked Leona, totally frightened by Greg's sudden appearance.

"Don't pretend to be innocent in front of me. Who answered the phone before? Don't forget your identity. I won't allow you to hook up with other men while keeping a relationship with me. You make me sick. Call that man out right now! Otherwise, I will teach you a lesson!" Greg shouted in a fit of pique.

A lot of students in the crowd pointed and looked at them. Some of them recognized Leona and showed a look of disbelief.

Many people knew that Leona dated with York before, but they didn't

ted to hire her. In this case, she wouldn't be able to earn enough money to leave the Ling family.

Actually, Greg didn't want to stay, but to punish Leona for being disobedient, he kept his head down again.

"Ahahah..." Leona's head was fixed by Greg's big hand, so she couldn't move at all. Although the window was black, the people outside the car couldn't see the situation in the car.

But after all, it was the gate of the school. What if someone saw them? But it didn't work on Greg.

Leona was on the verge of collapse under the pressure of her tears.

Since that day, Greg had looked for other women, but no one could make him feel the same way.

Whenever he was with other women, Leona's face always flashed through his mind.

To be honest, Leona was like a dead fish. She had nothing to compare with the women Greg had been together before.

In the past, Greg would have had no interest in a woman like her at all, but damn it! He just found that he had inexplicable interest in her.

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