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   Chapter 45 The Misunderstanding Deepened

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Leona pounced on Samuel and tried to snatch her phone back. But it was impossible for her to snatch her phone back from him.

"You have no right to comment on my private life. We have nothing to do with each other. Give my phone back to me now!" Leona rushed forward in a hurry, stepped on a stone and fell into the arms of Samuel.

Before Samuel could react, Samuel caught Leona with his hands and stopped her from falling down. However, in case that Leona could take the phone back, Samuel still held up the phone with the other hand.

"So that's how you hook up with men. I really feel sorry for York. How could he sacrifice his true heart for a woman like you?" Holding Leona in his arms, Samuel gave her a contemptuous look.

"What are you talking about? Give me back my phone!" However, Leona tried to get rid of his control and grasped her phone again.

"Let me see which man allows you to give up a good man like York just for him." Then Samuel unlocked the phone and got it through.

"Leona, how dare you hang up my phone? Did you hook up with another man again? Where are you now? Talk to me!" As soon as Leona answered the phone, she heard a lion roar.

With contempt in his eyes, Samuel stared at Leona coldly. Now the evidence was clear. She had nothing to say?

Leona was extremely angry and anxious. She didn't understand why all the bad things happened to her?

And the most important thing was that Greg called her at this time and bumped into Samuel.

Tears streamed down her face and all the grievances welled up in her heart at once. Leona didn't want others to know what happened between her and Greg, but now it seemed that it was impossible to hide it.

Not to mention that Samuel was a good friend of York. Leona had known this a long time ago. If Samu

behind the school. Her tears were dried up by the wind, and the mocking voice of Samuel behind her gradually disappeared. She didn't want to think about anything. She just wanted to stay away from the crowd for a moment.

After seeing that, Samuel also turned around and left. They didn't notice that there was a woman standing behind a tree not far away. She was dressed in expensive clothes and looked rather gorgeous. With a resentment on her face, she was the girl who had dinner with Samuel in the canteen before, Julie.

"Leona, you bad woman. You seduced York before, and now you seduced Samuel after York went abroad. You're really something! If it weren't for you, Samuel would never dump me. You have to pay for what you have done! " At this time, Julie said resentfully, and then turned around and disappeared in the forest.

Leona just wanted to find a place where no one knew her and have a good cry.

Tears blurred her sight, making her unable to see clearly the road ahead. Leona ran towards the middle of the road like a headless fly.

All of a sudden, a red Lamborghini dashed out from the roadside. It squeaked as if it was going to hit Leona. A loud sound was heard.

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