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   Chapter 44 Being Misunderstood

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Fury was written all over Samuel's face. He felt sorry for York, because the woman York had been thinking of betrayed him. How could Leona live up to York's sincerity?

While walking, Samuel kept making various excuses for Leona. Perhaps she was just helping others check their phone. He didn't want to get her wrong.

When Leona was looking at her mobile phone with an upset look, suddenly her head was covered by a dark shadow. When she raised her head, she found that the man was Samuel.

For an instant, Leona put her phone back in her pocket in panic. Looking at Samuel, she asked, "what's the matter?"

Samuel saw the rattled look on Leona's face and confirmed his suspicion. She must be lying. This valuable cellphone belonged to her.

Ignoring the curious looks from the crowd, Samuel grabbed Leona's hand and dragged her out of the canteen. They headed towards the mountain in the distance.

"What? Are you crazy? Why do you pull me so hard? Let me go, you hurt me!" However, no matter how hard Leona struggled, she could not get rid of Samuel's arm and was dragged out by him.

"Shut up! You still owe me an explanation! You must make it clear to me today, or you won't be able to leave!" Samuel went crazy as well. He couldn't bear to see York be sent abroad for such a shameless woman.

"Honey, where are you going? Who is she? " Seeing that Leona was pulled out by Samuel angrily, and Julie didn't feel good. She immediately ran over and grabbed Samuel's arm and asked.

"Fuck off!" Samuel was furious about Leona. He lost his temper and yelled at Julie.

"Samuel..." Julie fluttered her big tearful eyes, staring at the angry Samuel. Her small hands were still holding the hem of his clothes, fearing that he would go.

"Get the h

curred to Greg that he was quite busy these two days. He hadn't gone to see that stupid woman for several days. He wondered if she had behaved herself these days.

Then Greg took out his phone and dialed that number. He dialed it through, but it was hung up by Leona. Immediately, his face took on a ghastly expression. How dare this bitch hang up his phone? Was she playing with fire?

Greg called Leona again, but no one answered. Gritting his teeth angrily, he stood up and walked towards the parking lot, while calling her again.

This damn woman, who got up the nerve not to hang up his phone just for a few days. If she hadn't seen him for a few days, she would probably have forgotten him.

Seeing that Samuel grabbed her mobile phone, Leona immediately turned pale with fear. She walked up and tried to grab the mobile phone from Samuel's hand, shouting, "Samuel, are you crazy? Why did you snatch my mobile phone? Give it back to me! "

In fact, that was not because Leona cared about the phone. She actually didn't want it at all if it wasn't for the fact that Greg had forced her to have it. Leona was afraid that Samuel would see the name on the phone.

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