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   Chapter 43 Her Secret

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"What No, you have to give me a reason. Otherwise, if York asks about it, how can I answer him?" Samuel felt that he was going crazy with Leona. He could not accept the fact that HE finally got such an answer after coming to see her!

"Reason? What reason do you want? You may make up a story as you like. Anyway, I won't be with York anymore. We are over. Please tell him that I'm still young and I can't waste my time on a relationship where there is no hope. I'm just an ordinary girl and I can't afford to wait!" Then Leona broke free from Samuel and ran to the kitchen.

When Leona turned around, her tears fell unstoppable. As soon as she stepped into the kitchen, she collapsed against the wall, covered her face and began to cry.

"Leona, you came back. What a ridiculous reason!" Samuel did not expect that she would say this, he shouted angrily from behind, but at this time, Leona had disappeared in front of him.

Of course, Samuel couldn't give up so easily. He followed where Leona was. When he finally reached the kitchen door, a waiter stopped him and said, "I'm sorry, sir. This is the kitchen. Customers are not allowed to enter this room. Please go there to have dinner."

"Fuck off! I'm looking for someone. Where is Leona? Ask her out. I have something to ask her! " Samuel shoved the waiter away and rushed to the kitchen, shouting.

At this moment, Leona had already heard the sound, and she quickly ran out of the back door. Or maybe Samuel would keep making excuses for her later. But she would just ignore him.

Leona was well aware that a young man born in a rich family always had a bad temper. But last time when they met at the airport, Samuel was able to drive her home. Therefore, she believed that he was a kind man by nature and he would not

amuel's arm and said, "Honey, why don't we go to the restaurant outside? The food there is really terrible!'

A slice of contempt flashed through Samuel's eyes. He then held Julie in his arms and said, "My dearest girl, be good. Sometimes, we should enjoy the pleasure of college time, or we won't be able to feel this after graduation. How about we have a big meal tonight? I will definitely make you beg for mercy!"

"You are so annoying! There are so many people watching us!" A flush of shyness appeared on Julie's face. She said coquettishly. How could she not understand what Samuel meant?

Suddenly, a ringtone caught Samuel's attention. He looked up and found it was from Leona. Then he understood.

The apple 6 in Leona's hand was the latest version, which was worth 5000. How much did she earn for a month? How could she afford such a precious phone?

No wonder she had resolved to break up with York before without even a clear reason. It seemed that like other women, she had already hooked up with other rich men.

Angry as Samuel was, how could he find out her secret if he didn't come to the canteen to have lunch today? Then Samuel walked towards Leona angrily.

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